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July 2004 Archive

    1. The March of Hare
    2. What's New?
    3. And The Rest: Friday News Roundup
    4. Atari to unveil new Matrix title soon?
    5. Warthog working on an RPG, too
    6. MOH: Pacific Assault demo delayed
    7. Reports name Wario Ware GBA sequel
    8. Official Doom III upgrade advice
    9. Stalker rescheduled for early 2005
    1. ATI reacts to Doom III benchmarks
    2. Things And Stuff: Thursday News Roundup
    3. MOH: Pacific Assault demo due soon
    4. Star Wars: Episode III game takes shape
    5. Half-Life 2 due out in September
    6. Epic signs Unreal series to Midway
    7. The Burning Issue
    1. EA and Criterion speak out about acquisition
    2. EA buys Criterion; deal includes game studio and RenderWare
    3. This And That: Wednesday News Roundup
    4. Doom III will not support Windows 98
    5. KOTOR2 due out before Christmas?
    6. RalliSport Challenge 2 patched
    7. Viewtiful Joe 3 domain reg sparks rumours
    1. Pacific Heights
    2. UK Charts: Spider-Man 2 stays on top through release drought
    3. Nintendo promises big things at Game Stars Live
    4. Nintendo plans summer road trip
    5. NBA Street goes online
    6. Odds And Ends: Tuesday News Roundup
    7. id programmer on Doom III quality levels
    8. Mashed demo released
    9. Warthog working on Conquest follow-up
    10. European Master Ninja Tournament details
    1. Pre-Christmas price cuts possible in Europe - EA
    2. Been Stalking Jak
    3. Ageing Gracefully
    4. The Man With The Golden Licence
    5. Bits And Bobs: Monday News Roundup
    6. Nintendo mentions F-Zero Climax to retailers
    7. Ubisoft withdraws Far Cry 1.2 patch
    8. DOA Ultimate dated again
    9. Valve confirms August HL2 submission date
    10. Microsoft reports strong Q4 results; Xbox growth lags other divisions
    1. Far Cry developer signs with EA
    2. The Future looks Perfect
    3. What's New?
    4. OutRun2
    5. 2015 on Men of Valor: Part Two
    6. Football Manager to be unveiled in Edinburgh
    7. Mario Tennis gets October date in Japan
    8. MS Japan tries something new
    9. Kitase hints at further FFVII title
    10. Final Fantasy creator announces new studio
    1. Things And Stuff: Thursday News Roundup
    2. CS: Source beta test to go live on August 10th
    3. Warthog shows off new IP developments
    4. Nintendo to skip Japan's autumn game shows
    5. Doom benchmarked, Trent Reznor on his involvement
    6. Record prison sentence for UK game pirate
    7. New Call of Duty, True Crime titles, amongst others
    8. Activision plans DS and PSP launch titles
    9. Activision confirms Neversoft's 'other' title
    10. MS confirms Europe-wide Halo 2 LE release
    1. No ICO sequel this year
    2. SCEE wins case against mod chip sales
    3. Ubi plans Christmas rush
    4. Codies confirms PC Colin McRae 2005
    5. Katamari Damacy coming to the US
    6. UK Charts: No change at No.1 as Spider-Man 2 breaks Activision records
    7. Doom III minimum specs revealed
    8. 2015 on Men of Valor: Part One
    9. Majesco delays Advent Rising to 2005
    10. Horizons dev files for bankruptcy protection
    1. Men of Valor: The Vietnam War
    2. Zoo to publish GTA-like Payback on GBA
    3. High quality CS: Source E3 movie released
    4. Tomb Raider VII next summer?
    5. MMORPG giant establishes European presence
    6. Leeds United Club Football cancelled
    7. Doom III SDK due soon, theme tune released
    1. Juiced ready for September triple whammy
    2. Bits And Bobs: Monday News Roundup
    3. Capcom plans Japanese DMC3 demo disc
    4. Dance:UK dev working on EyeToy title
    5. Activision signs American Chopper
    6. MGS3 gets first public showing in Germany
    7. Konami unveils 56 licensed PES4 teams
    8. Return To Castle Wolf 2 in development
    9. Nokia announces sales slump; titles at EIGF
    10. Sudeki gone gold, US retail date July 20th
    11. Tribes And Tribulations: Part Two
    1. Square Peg, European Hole
    2. What's New?
    3. EA unveils Ultima Online: Samurai Empire
    4. Need For Speed Underground 2 trailer
    5. Two Tribes: Vengeance demos due next month
    6. Tribes: Vengeance
    7. Tribes And Tribulations: Part One
    8. TOCA Race Driver 2
    9. Doom 3 demo details
    10. Confounding Factor to disband, claim reports
    1. Things And Stuff: Thursday News Roundup
    2. Fable bonus disc set for Europe, game dated
    3. Doom 3: All Hell Breaks Loose
    4. Bang people in Second Sight
    5. Blood Will Tell
    1. It's done
    2. This And That: Wednesday News Roundup
    3. Juiced PC demo and Show-off mode details
    4. UK Charts: Atari Driv3n from pole
    5. Ex-Rare men plan downloadable mech shooter
    6. Battlefield: Modern Combat slips a year
    7. Mario Golf GBA, Pikmin 2 dated in Europe
    8. Splinter Cell 3 on Xbox/PC this Christmas
    9. Mr. Onimusha speaks
    10. World War Zero: Ironstorm
    11. Championship Manager 5
    12. Dan Houser: The GTA San Andreas interview
    13. Intrepid Explorer
    14. Viewtiful Joe 2
    15. Jak 3
    16. Rockstar Speaks: The Art of GTA San Andreas
    1. Bethseda licenses Fallout rights, announces Fallout 3
    2. Halo 2 Deluxe Limited Edition available for pre-order
    1. Half-Life 2 specs revealed
    2. Capcom confirms upcoming release dates
    3. Deluxe edition of Sims 2 planned
    4. PAL PSX launch moves back to 2005
    1. And The Rest: Friday News Roundup
    2. B.C. sequel goes live, says Intrepid
    3. What's New?
    4. Dino Dini kicks off
    5. SOE offers 30-day free EverQuest trial
    6. MS confirms Halo 2 European release date
    1. Fire Emblem
    2. Sonic Advance 3
    3. Ignition plans full line-up of Euro SNK releases
    4. Swingin' Ape to complete StarCraft: Ghost
    5. Valve plans CS: Source beta test
    6. Nintendo will not release E-Reader in Europe
    7. The Rock could star in Doom movie
    8. Dini slams industry's failure to champion talent
    9. Sony to stop PSone LCD manufacture
    10. PGR2 Long Beach Booster Pack released
    1. Ground Control 2: Operation Exodus
    2. This And That: Wednesday News Roundup
    3. Nintendo plans third run of NES Classics
    4. Vin Diesel wants PS2 Riddick this Christmas
    5. Tournament details fuel Doom III date speculation
    6. From Software buys Tenchu rights
    7. Second PGR2 Booster Pack due soon
    8. Japanese get GBA video vending machine
    9. Far Cry Instincts delayed until 2005
    10. Dead Man's Hand
    1. UK Charts: Second week at number one for Driv3r
    2. Odds And Ends: Tuesday News Roundup
    3. Oxygen's tiring Vietnam title due in September
    4. Advance Game Port gets cheat code support
    5. PES4 to debut at Game Stars, with Dutch teams?
    6. Nokia's N-Gage tour bus parks in UK
    7. Talking Headhunters
    8. Final Fantasy XI to launch this September
    1. Acclaim loses Turok, Baseball licenses
    2. Bits And Bobs: Monday News Roundup
    3. Acclaim bankruptcy a possibility
    4. Brigades announces Vivisector FPS
    5. New Paper Mario 2 trailer
    6. Square Enix plans Seiken Densetsu return
    7. Wario Ware, Inc.: Mega Party Game$
    8. Square Enix announces Euro reorganisation
    1. DJs unveils TrackMania Sunrise
    2. Unreal Engine 3
    3. DJs adds auto-update tool to future titles
    4. And The Rest: Friday News Roundup
    5. RollerCoaster Tycoon's fireworks fetish
    6. Vivendi confirms Riddick PC
    7. What's New?
    8. Driver movie takes shape
    1. Unreal 3 and more UT games planned
    2. New Epic title in the works for 2006
    3. Athens 2004
    4. Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain
    5. Paper Mario 2
    6. Things And Stuff: Thursday News Roundup
    7. VU Games sued by programmer
    8. Brand new Halo 2 shots and artwork
    9. Nintendo's Geist delayed
    10. Krome Studios preparing for next generation
    11. EBGames lists Vivendi's Riddick for PC
    12. Sega, Sammy and Namco announce