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Reports name Wario Ware GBA sequel

Not many details, but the prospect of a sequel alone means that every third word around here now is "eee-hee-hee!"

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Although Wario Ware's GameCube outing is an enticing prospect for some, there was understandably some disappointment when Nintendo opted to stick mainly to the mini-games (sorry, microgames) that comprised the original Game Boy Advance offering. Really, we just wanted something else like that, only more so.

Which, with any luck, is precisely what Mawaru Made In Wario, a mysterious Wario Ware GBA sequel which has snuck on to Famitsu Weekly's release list according to reports, will be. Although no further details on the game itself are available, the Japanese games mag does list an October 16th release date.

Nintendo has yet to say anything on the subject, as far as we know, but having already mentioned F-Zero Climax (also on Famitsu's list) in connection with a retailer meeting taking place in Japan this Monday, we wouldn't be altogether surprised if more details were forthcoming then. We would be pulling some expressions though, including "sunny face smile", "chin wagging in animated manner" and latterly "foaming at the mouth".

Of course, you can trust that whatever else we hear about Wario Ware 2, we'll write it down and shove it into your eyes. Assuming we can line them up. (Pesky droplet bastard things. They cheat.) More soon, hopefully.

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