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Far Cry Instincts delayed until 2005

But it is definitely due out on Xbox and PS2, which is something. A sort of multiplatform confirmation related thing, specifically.

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Ubisoft has delayed Far Cry Instincts until Q1 2005, a move that "will ensure that both the Xbox and PS2 versions have the same impressive graphics and unique immersive gameplay elements as the highly-regarded Far Cry PC version," according to the publisher's statement this week. It had previously been due out by the end of 2004.

The announcement also marks the first time that Ubisoft has referred to the game specifically in connection with the PlayStation 2. Instincts - a spin-off title in development at Ubisoft Montreal, and "built from the ground up" using Crytek's original Far Cry tech - had been "consoles including Xbox" or something of the sort up to now.

It's also interesting to note that while delays are often greeted with a mixture of disappointment ("bah, wanted to play that!") and trepidation ("and... why would they delay it unless there are problems?") - and that there's certainly a murmur doing the rounds amongst those who played the E3 demo that it wasn't quite there yet - this particular move could benefit Ubisoft commercially. Having witnessed some of its most critically acclaimed games in recent years swallowed up in the pre-Christmas frenzy of releases, a quiet Q1 launch could well give the game a better chance of emulating the success of its forebear.

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