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Warthog working on Conquest follow-up

Set 40 years after Frontier Wars and featuring a new race, the reptilian Vyrium. First screenshots inside.

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Having announced some new IP last week, UK developer Warthog has revealed that it's also in the process of returning to the space-based Conquest RTS series, and has the original game's development team hard at work on Conquest 2: The Vyrium Uprising. You can find some screenshots of the game here.

The new Conquest will feature three traditional threats - the Terrans, energy-based Celareons and their since-marginalised insectoid adversaries the Mantis - as well as a new antagonist, the reptilian Vyrium race, who seem to be hell-bent on galactic domination for one reason or another. To stop them, you'll build up a fleet of ships, gather resources and research new technology, as you might imagine.

The action will take place in a fully polygonal 3D space environment, which benefits from particle explosions and other interesting effects (apparently ships' hulls will be strewn among the debris, which sounds pretty, and damaged ships will float ablaze lighting up nearby planets and ships), in a scenario set 40 years after the last Conquest title, Frontier Wars.

At the moment the game doesn't seem to have a publisher (Warthog makes no mention of a deal anyway), but we'd expect to hear more on that as soon as someone signs. The last title, Conquest: Frontier Wars, was published in 2001 by Ubisoft.

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