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Juiced ready for September triple whammy

Mod car three-way action gets hot for autumn, but cagey competition keeps specifics under wraps.

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Acclaim confirmed today that all three versions of car mod racer Juiced - for Xbox, PlayStation 2 and PC - will release in Europe on the same day.

The publisher refused to be pinned down on a specific date, but reaffirmed the September schedule for the game. Competition in the genre is now extremely tight for the period, with Burnout 3, Need for Speed Underground 2 and Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition all queued up for autumn, and most likely September.

Acclaim is believed to be holding off on a release date until the intentions of competitors becomes a little clearer.

New shots of Juiced also emerged today, showing more impressive visuals for the Juice Studios-developed racer. The now vaunted Show Off mode and 50 licensed vehicles are making this one to watch, especially as Acclaim certainly has something to prove after losing Criterion's Burnout to EA.

Watch for date confirmation soon.

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