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Fable bonus disc set for Europe, game dated

Microsoft confirms the US date and pre-order incentives, and MS UK reckons it'll take another month or so to come out here. But we will get the extras, at least.

Microsoft UK has confirmed that Fable is still on track for European release in October, after its American counterpart announced the game's US release date of September 14th, and added that early adopters in both territories will receive a bonus 'making of' DVD featuring a documentary and demos for other Xbox titles.

According to an MS UK spokesperson, the exact European release date in October has yet to be finalised, as the process depends on localisation times for EMEA. We also understand that the bonus disc will be made available to European consumers, but as yet Microsoft hasn't decided on plans for the pre-order campaign over here.

Over in the US though, pre-orders placed with a number of prominent retailers will be good for a limited edition disc, which includes interviews with Lionhead CEO Peter Molyneux, and Simon Carter and Ian Lovett, cofounders of developer (and Lionhead satellite studio) Big Blue Box.

The disc will also include playable demos of other Xbox titles including Sudeki, RalliSport Challenge 2 and Topspin, as well as E3 trailers for MechAssault 2, Forza Motosport, Jade Empire, and Conker: Live and Reloaded.

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