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DJs adds auto-update tool to future titles

Starting with Chaos League, you'll no longer have to search around for patches, mods and the like. (We're out of a job!)

Digital Jesters is planning to make the process of updating games easier for PC owners, having signed a deal with a company that cuts out the legwork and downloads updates suitable for DJs games automatically.

For the most part, we'd imagine that you all know where to find patches, updates, drivers, and modifications for your PC games. It kind of comes with the territory. Browse any number of gaming websites for more than a few minutes, and you can't help but stumble upon a link that takes you somewhere offering download links for all manner of told and untold improvements.

However, not everybody is in the same boat; with this in mind, Digital Jesters has announced a deal with GameShadow, which will see the latter's automated PC games update program and a subscription to the service bundled with all future DJs titles, starting with Chaos League, which is due out on August 6th.

"The beauty of PC games is that they can be continually updated and improved even after they have hit the shelves," GameShadow CEO Tony Treadwell argues (albeit somewhat against the accepted grain). "Yet this can often prove bewildering to some players. The GameShadow service makes the whole process seamless, as all Digital Jesters' players will soon be able to see."

He's on firmer footing there - and we have a feeling that most PC gamers, whether casual, hardcore or somewhere in-between, will appreciate a tool that cuts out the draining process of scouring seedy pop-up filled download sites in search of an update.