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March 2014 Archive

    1. Pokémon invade Google Maps for April Fools
    2. Looks like the Metro games are coming to PS4 and Xbox One
    3. Hitman: Absolution and Deadlight are April's Games with Gold offerings
    4. Stylish PS4 multiplayer Western Secret Ponchos delayed
    5. Phil Spencer named new boss of Xbox
    6. Video: Let's Replay Metal Gear Solid
    7. Red Thread reveals first look at Draugen
    8. Video: Goat Simulator live stream
    9. Surprise Bravely Default success sparks Square Enix rethink
    10. Splinter Cell director Patrick Redding joins Batman: Arkham Origins dev
    11. What in the Universe is Deus Ex: Mankind Divided?
    12. Shelter 2 announced
    13. Watch Dogs graphics look better in the latest trailer
    14. EA's Origin ditches physical discs
    15. UK chart: InFamous PS4 holds off Diablo 3 expansion
    16. Oculus Rift's John Carmack reckons Facebook "get the Big Picture"
    17. Infinity Ward teases Predator DLC for Call of Duty: Ghosts
    18. Nuclear Throne Early Access review
    1. Sony Wireless Headset 2.0 review
    2. Darius retrospective
    1. Alien Isolation release date announced
    2. Outside Xbox returns to Rapture
    3. In Theory: Could The Last of Us on PS4 run at 1080p60?
    4. Roflpillar is a two-player caterpillar sim
    5. DayZ sales figures, new studio acquisition revealed
    1. Oculus recruits Valve's Michael Abrash as chief scientist
    2. Threes dev reacts to clones with 42K word blog post
    3. Company of Heroes 2 returns to Western Front
    4. Remember Desert Strike? Meet Killstorm
    5. This is Flockers, Team17's first non-Worms game in quite a while
    6. PlayStation Plus for April: Mercenary Kings, PES 2014, Sly Cooper, more
    7. Microsoft has a Kinect for Windows v2 sensor
    8. This is what The Amazing Spider-Man 2 video game looks like
    9. EA makes Dead Space free on Origin
    10. Titanfall matchmaking tweaks now available to try
    11. Notch: cancelled Minecraft for Oculus Rift would have been free
    12. Microsoft: Halo 2 Anniversary multiplayer "would have to be fantastic"
    13. Halo: Spartan Assault launches on Steam next week
    14. Alien Isolation: "I didn't expect smiling and laughing"
    15. FTL due next week on iPad for $10
    1. Killer Instinct now being developed by Divekick studio Iron Galaxy
    2. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate HD headed for Steam
    3. Uncharted 4 director Justin Richmond leaves Naughty Dog for Riot Games
    4. The Last of Us headed to PS4 this summer, Sony employee says
    5. Frog Fractions 2 adds stretch goal to buy Oculus from Facebook
    6. Shadowrun Online hits Steam Early Access next week
    7. OlliOlli developer's next game revealed
    8. Total War: Rome 2 Hannibal at the Gates DLC arrives alongside free update
    9. PS4 and Xbox One version of Strike Suit Zero out next month
    10. Table Top Racing confirmed for PlayStation Vita
    11. Hearthstone tournament taking place at EGX Rezzed
    12. World War 2 shooter Enemy Front now has a release date
    13. Digital Foundry vs. inFamous: Second Son
    14. UK video game tax breaks approved
    15. Cut the Rope dev hopes to cancel King's "candy" trademark
    16. Legal battle over Duke Nukem rumbles on
    17. Co-founders of Torchlight dev Runic exit studio to go indie
    18. Warface open beta now available to all on Xbox 360
    19. How the Batmobile opens up Arkham Knight's next-gen Gotham
    20. Game of Thrones Ascent hits iPad
    21. Video: Watch us play Trials Fusion
    22. Respawn locks Titanfall cheaters into "the Wimbledon of aimbot contests"
    23. Goat Simulator's launch trailer is a work of cinematic genius
    1. Sony commits to 2014 release for PS4 racer Driveclub
    2. Football Manager Classic 14 Vita release date announced
    3. Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition TU14 arrives today
    4. Nintendo and Sega team up for Sonic: Lost World Zelda DLC
    5. Wolfenstein: The New Order Panzerhund Edition doesn't include the game
    6. Video: Inside Watch Dogs' rival factions
    7. Microsoft to begin warning naughty Xbox One players
    8. OMG Zombies dev unveils Vita exclusive Flame Over
    9. CCP to stick with Oculus Rift for Eve: Valkyrie
    10. Oculus Rift: Step into the game, step out with two billion dollars
    11. Wii U Virtual Console gets first GBA game next week
    12. Deus Ex: Human Revolution short film looks good enough for Hollywood
    13. Wolfenstein: The New Order release date brought forward
    14. Evolution founder forms new studio
    15. Seth Killian leaves Sony Santa Monica to "do my own thing"
    16. EA Star Wars games to take inspiration from Batman Arkham series
    17. Rampage review
    18. Facebook buys Oculus VR for $2 billion
    19. Human Element's episodic Ouya prequel has been canned
    1. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter's graphics will recreate objects from photos
    2. Luftrausers turned a profit in two days on Steam alone
    3. Telltale's Game of Thrones to be concurrent with the series
    4. Watch Portal running on Nvidia Shield
    5. Nvidia announces $3,000 Titan Z graphics card
    6. Microsoft discounts Xbox One Thief, Tomb Raider this weekend
    7. Assassin's Creed: Unity was teased in Brotherhood, writer reveals
    8. Two new Assassin's Creed games this year, one set in 18th century Paris
    9. Slightly Mad's World of Speed has not held back Project Cars
    10. Sony layoffs hit three UK studios
    11. Creative Assembly to announce Alien: Isolation date at EGX Rezzed
    12. Seasons and ladders coming to Diablo 3
    13. PlayStation Vita system update raises app cap, adds calendar
    14. BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea - Episode Two review
    15. Trials Frontier gets iOS release date
    16. Double Fine enters the publishing realm with Escape Goat 2
    1. Bear Simulator will make your dreams come true
    2. Ouya to remove free trial requirement in April
    3. Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls' launch "will be fine"
    4. Bohemia rules out consoles for Arma 3
    5. Video: Let's Replay Diablo 2
    6. UK budget could end 69p cheeky cheapies
    7. Dying Light and Frozen Endzone round out EGX Rezzed developer sessions
    8. Hotline Miami 1 heading to PS4 as Cross-Buy
    9. Heroes of the Storm: Blizzard's long road to reinventing the wheel
    10. Elder Scrolls Online early access timings
    11. Rollercoaster Tycoon 4 on PC will be "completely different", Atari promises
    12. UK chart: inFamous: Second Son dethrones Titanfall
    13. New Dragon Age: Inquisition screenshots swoop in
    14. Doctor Who: The Adventure Games released on Steam
    15. Titanfall game modes tweaked in new patch
    1. Immortui: the debut game from a 15-year-old designer
    2. Reality Crumbles: Whatever happened to VR?
    3. Face-Off: Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes
    4. Demon's Souls retrospective
    1. Phil Spencer on bringing VR, paid alphas to Xbox One
    2. Performance analysis: inFamous: Second Son
    3. Kinect Sports Rivals captures your face with Kinect, David Tennant
    4. Talking Project Morpheus with Anton Mikhailov
    5. Ground Zeroes shows open worlds how to be open
    1. Koji Igarashi says Castlevania: SotN was inspired by Zelda, not Metroid
    2. Ken Levine's next won't be a linear narrative
    3. Yu Suzuki is looking into Kickstarter for Shenmue 3
    4. Relic to talk Company of Heroes' future at EGX Rezzed
    5. Video: inFamous: Second Son live stream
    6. Wii Sports Club updated with Sports Resort levels
    7. Casting spells - and votes - in Magicka: Wizard Wars
    8. From Software explains changes to Dark Souls 2 graphics
    9. Mario vs. Donkey Kong spotted for Wii U at GDC
    10. Misogyny, racism and homophobia: where do video games stand?
    11. Batman: Arkham Knight screens show off Penguin, Two-Face, Riddler
    12. What's in the InFamous: Second Son patch
    13. Microsoft talks PS4 sales: "This is a marathon, not a sprint"
    14. Microsoft reveals DirectX 12 - and it's coming to Xbox One
    15. BioShock Infinite's Elizabeth was initially a silent character
    1. Video: How Ubisoft cracked Watch Dogs' hacking
    2. Watch Dogs PlayStation-exclusive content detailed
    3. How Watch Dogs' multiplayer liberates Ubisoft's open world
    4. Portal 2: Top 10 Test Chambers
    5. Trials Fusion closed PC beta announced
    6. Obsidian's involved in F2P tank MMO Armored Warfare
    7. inFamous: Second Son review
    8. Bumper Guild Wars 2 Feature Pack out in April
    9. Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC free to try this weekend
    10. No plans for a new Unreal Tournament, says Epic
    11. McDonald's Mario Happy Meal unboxing video
    12. EA celebrates FIFA Ultimate Team's birthday by giving away free packs
    13. This is how Borderlands 2 looks on PlayStation Vita
    14. Summer SWTOR expansion adds player housing
    15. Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee remake looks hot in new gameplay video
    16. How does Project Morpheus compare to Oculus Rift?
    17. Shenmue once featured cats that walk on two legs
    18. Animal Crossing: New Leaf's development team had an even gender split
    19. This is what Battlefield 4 Naval Strike gameplay looks like
    20. Lorne Lanning hopes to bring Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath to PS4
    21. Dragon Fin Soup: a SNES-style RPG for PS4, PS3, Vita and PC
    22. Frozen Endzone beta review
    1. Tom Clancy's The Division footage shown off
    2. Unreal Engine 4 open to all for a $19 monthly fee
    3. Sony signs more indie dev-tool deals for PlayStation
    4. "Sony needs to show how good VR could be - not something like PS Move"
    5. UK budget fails to include games tax relief
    6. PS4 video editing, HDCP off, 720p Twitch coming
    7. Video: Kinect Sports Rivals preview
    8. Oculus opens pre-orders for new, improved dev kit
    9. First Sacred 3 gameplay video
    10. PES 2014 World Cup DLC costs £8, out next week
    11. Titanfall Xbox 360 version delayed again
    12. Almost inFamous: Nate Fox talks Second Son
    13. Video: EA Sports shows off its next-gen UFC fighters
    14. Minecraft dev Mojang made £200m last year
    15. God of War developer Sony Santa Monica suffers layoffs
    16. Google Chromecast launches in the UK today, priced £30
    17. All Guitar Hero, DJ Hero song DLC to be removed
    18. Paradox and Obsidian: "We both know there's no BS"
    19. Sony announces Project Morpheus virtual reality headset for PlayStation 4
    1. Microsoft announces 25 indie games coming to Xbox One
    2. Max: The Curse of Brotherhood PC and Xbox 360 release dates announced
    3. How The ComboFiend went from fighting players to rebalancing Street Fighter 4
    4. Microsoft reportedly working on VR devices for Xbox
    5. Project Spark open beta launches on Xbox One
    6. Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes live stream today
    7. SimCity can now be played offline
    8. Xbox One April update adds friends notifications, more
    9. Witcher dev CD Projekt announces mobile game
    10. Korean League of Legends scandal exposed after attempted suicide
    11. Diablo 3's controversial Auction House finally goes offline
    12. 10 Second Ninja review
    13. Watch us complete Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes in just 10 minutes
    14. Spec Ops lead making "existential, surreal horror" indie game
    15. Broken Sword 5 Episode One hits App Store priced £2.99
    16. Amazon's set-top box could be a USB dongle - report
    17. Marc Whitten departs Microsoft
    18. New 'n' Tasty needs to sell 500K to fund an original new Oddworld game
    19. These Nintendo toys launch in McDonald's Happy Meals next week
    20. Xbox Achievement hunter finally hits a million Gamerscore
    21. How to install an Xbox One controller on your PC
    1. A new RollerCoaster Tycoon game has been announced!
    2. Epoch: Returns - a game inspired by Mass Effect 1's planetary exploration
    3. Pinball FX2, CastleStorm - Definitive Edition and KickBeat hit next-gen consoles
    4. Gauntlet reboot announced
    5. Castlevania developer Koji Igarashi leaves Konami
    6. There's a new indie game documentary
    7. The first Twitch mobile streaming game is Asphalt 8: Airborne
    8. The future of Rare
    9. And the fifth and final new character for Ultra Street Fighter 4 is...
    10. Angry Birds Epic is a turn-based RPG
    11. Titanfall boosts Xbox One sales by 96 per cent in the UK
    12. Original X-COM creator's Chaos Reborn launches on Kickstarter
    13. GOG ditches regional pricing plan, apologises
    14. Average player takes 35-40 hours to finish Watch Dogs
    15. Next-Gen Face-Off: The Lego Movie Videogame
    1. The story behind Nintendo's detective
    2. Video: Let's Replay Full Throttle
    3. Catherine retrospective
    1. Next-Gen Face-Off: Titanfall
    2. Letter from America: Welcome... to die!
    3. What Outside Xbox makes of Titanfall
    4. Gaming's middle-aged crisis
    1. Sega announces Crazy Taxi: City Rush for launch this year
    2. SimCity offline mode "almost there mayors"
    3. War has changed. But has Hideo Kojima?
    4. Video shows how to dock in Elite: Dangerous
    5. This is what Amazon's new gaming controller looks like
    6. Microsoft quietly ends Xbox subscription offer
    7. GOG St Patrick's Day sale revealed
    8. Titanfall tech interview
    9. First video of Syndicate Wars successor Satellite Reign
    10. Watch us play Titanfall from 12pm GMT
    11. Xbox One closing monthly US sales gap on PS4
    12. Layoffs hit Plants vs. Zombies dev PopCap
    13. PlayStation Store rental links spotted
    1. The Last of Us' film adaptation will follow the game's storyline
    2. Most Anticipated: Dark Souls 2
    3. Video: Dark Souls 2 preview
    4. Is Dark Souls 2 going soft?
    5. Dark Souls 2, now with more Peter Serafinowicz
    6. Is this Dark Souls?
    7. Face-Off: Dark Souls 2
    8. Undead again: Dark Souls 2 preview
    9. That Dragon, Cancer's inspiration, Joel Green, passes away
    10. Ex-The Walking Dead devs at Campo Santo announce new game
    11. Sega Humble Bundle includes Company of Heroes and Rome: Total War
    12. Surgeon Simulator comes to iPad tonight, sans one arm
    13. RTS veteran Petroglyph reveals new game Grey Goo
    14. Video: In Alien: Isolation "you'll never feel safe"
    15. Yoshi's New Island review
    16. Level-5 says "something is in the works" for a Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney EU release
    17. Watch Unreal Engine 4 running in Firefox
    18. Respawn fighting Titanfall cheaters
    19. Reclusive Rockstar accepts BAFTA Fellowship with speech
    20. PlayStation Home is getting an update
    1. Monaco developer announces Armada, an RTS designed for gamepads
    2. Could you survive in a besieged city?
    3. Mercenary Kings to kick butt on PS4 in April
    4. MGS5: Ground Zeroes PSN pre-orders come with Peace Walker HD
    5. South Park: It all started with a suspected prank call
    6. Titanfall runs into problems on PC with error 503
    7. Titanfall live stream today at 5pm GMT
    8. Pure Chess Wii U and Nintendo 3DS release date announced
    9. Season 2, Episode 2 of Walking Dead in March
    10. Godus 2.0 launches with "virtually no clicking"
    11. Sci-fi MMO Wildstar out in June
    12. Exploring Double Fine's Amnesia Fortnight 2014
    13. Looks like Mafia 3 is set in Louisiana
    14. Watch Dogs PC minimum specs confirmed
    15. Need for Speed film review
    16. Hearthstone leaves beta and launches proper on PC and Mac
    17. Tetris played against a skyscraper will set new world record
    1. Oculus Rift recruits Valve's VR project lead as chief architect
    2. 2014's funniest game just got funnier
    3. Home dev announces eerie sci-fi romance adventure Alone With You
    4. The Bridge developer announces competitive action puzzler Tumblestone
    5. Halfbrick's upcoming game is a puzzler called Bears vs Art
    6. As Monster Hunter turns 10, can Capcom finally make the west listen?
    7. The Witcher 3 delayed to February 2015
    8. A new sandbox multiplayer RPG inspired by Ultima Online
    9. Watch Dogs closed beta spotted for Xbox One
    10. Arma 3's final campaign episode gets a release date
    11. Video: Year Walk stomps onto Steam
    12. Watch us play Dark Souls 2 from 2pm GMT
    13. Why the PC version of Titanfall is a 48GB install
    14. Frozen Endzone arrives on Steam Early Access
    15. World of Warcraft level 90 character boosts cost £40
    16. Star Citizen raises astronomical $40m
    17. BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea Ep 2 footage teased
    18. Blizzard tweaks Heathstone cards, ranked mode ahead of full release
    19. 999 is coming to iOS without puzzles
    20. Ex-Blizzard and Insomniac dev announces turn-based tactics game Duelyst
    1. Gone Home is console-bound
    2. Valve developed the upcoming Portal board game
    3. Costume Quest 2 is real, coming this Halloween
    4. Ex-F.E.A.R. devs' FPS Betrayer set to spook in two weeks
    5. Titanfall ships at 792p on Xbox One
    6. Twitch and Capcom announce Street Fighter game league
    7. Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag GOTY Edition announced
    8. PSN maintenance today until 10pm GMT
    9. Tales from the Borderlands story, mechanics detailed
    10. Microsoft bosses still "extremely committed" to Xbox
    11. PlayStation Now game rentals could cost $4.99/$5.99
    12. Nintendo eShop downtime scheduled for this Thursday
    13. Face-Off: Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare
    14. In pictures: the Watch Dogs floor
    15. EA exploring virtual reality gaming
    16. Video: Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes preview
    17. Play BBC's 30th anniversary Hitchhiker's Guide adventure game
    18. UK chart: South Park: The Stick of Truth debuts top
    19. HMV is ditching pre-owned video game sales
    20. Tech Analysis: Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition on PS4
    21. Microsoft: Xbox 360's Games with Gold programme will improve
    22. PlayStation 4 action platformer Knack revealed
    1. The making of Red Faction
    2. Video: Let's Replay Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge
    3. Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem retrospective
    1. Letter from America: Which game satisfied you?
    2. Xbox One: six things the March update doesn't fix
    3. The next-gen Digital Foundry PC: chasing the 1080p60 dream
    4. Games are squandering their potential to truly immerse us
    1. See how classic Nintendo games look with the Oculus Rift
    2. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle release date announced
    3. Keiji Inafune announces 3DS side-scroller Azure Striker Gunvolt
    4. Ni No Kuni has now shipped 1.1m copies
    5. Galak-Z for PlayStation Vita announced
    6. Gigantic Army rekindles memories of Cybernator - in more ways than one
    7. Games of 2013: Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
    8. DICE: Battlefield 2142 veterans will feel "right at home" with BF4 Carrier Assault
    9. Playable Alucard confirmed as Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 DLC
    10. The resurrection of Elite: Braben talks Dangerous
    11. Oculus Rift rugby training headed to O2 stores
    12. Matt Stone: South Park The Stick of Truth censorship "not that big a deal"
    13. The mystery of FIFA Ultimate Team's rarest items
    14. Xbox One controller must be updated for stereo headset adapter to work
    15. Naughty Dog bosses deny Uncharted director Amy Hennig was "forced out"
    16. Weapon Shop de Omasse review
    17. The Room series shifts over 5.4 million copies
    18. Year Walk wanders onto Steam today
    1. Disney Interactive lays off 700 staff
    2. PixelJunk Inc. has been renamed Nom Nom Galaxy
    3. The Last of Us live-action film is in the works
    4. Jack Tretton departs from SCEA
    5. Call of Duty: Ghosts' second DLC pack, Devastation, due next month
    6. Tomb Raider's reboot "exceeded profit expectations" after all
    7. Defense Grid 2 now set for PS4 and Xbox One
    8. Killzone Shadow Fall dev to be more precise about resolution in future
    9. Dragon Age: Inquisition video shows off next-gen world
    10. Shaq wants you to fund a new Shaq Fu game
    11. Dark Souls 2 PC release date confirmed
    12. All Ouya game content coming to Mad Catz micro-console MOJO
    13. Watch Dogs release date revealed
    14. This is what Tropico 5 looks like
    15. After 18 months of silence game streaming service OnLive returns with CloudLift
    16. Mario Kart 8 Limited Edition comes with a real life Spiny Shell
    17. Kerbal Space Program to get virtual mission based on real-life NASA mission
    18. Hideo Kojima explains why Metal Gear's protagonist is called Solid Snake
    19. Sniper Elite 3 release date announced
    20. Gearbox's Homeworld HD is now Homeworld Remastered
    21. The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot beta review
    22. Killzone Shadow Fall's first multiplayer DLC detailed
    23. Titanfall Season Pass announced, priced at £19.99
    1. The Hong Kong Massacre resembles Hotline Miami meets Stranglehold
    2. Frictional releases new trailer, details about Soma
    3. Guacamelee is coming to Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4 and Wii U
    4. PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate targets PS4 and Vita this summer
    5. War of the Vikings release date announced
    6. Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes is the best, most expensive demo ever made
    7. Twitch mobile SDK and 10m installs announced
    8. Zeno Clash dev reveals intriguing new game Abyss Odyssey
    9. Kojima: The Phantom Pain "over 200 times bigger than Ground Zeroes"
    10. Rocksteady reveals Batman: Arkham Knight in detail
    11. Newell on Source 2, CS:GO Linux and... Ricochet 2
    12. Uncharted creative director Amy Hennig leaves Naughty Dog
    13. Major Xbox One update rolled out
    14. BattleBlock Theater confirmed for PC in 2014
    1. Thief developer Eidos Montreal lays off 27 staff
    2. Asymmetrical competitive roguelike Crawl looks bloody, brilliant
    3. Microsoft aims to bring Xbox Live to iOS, Android - rumour
    4. SteamWorld Dig delves onto PS4 and Vita in two weeks
    5. Batman: Arkham Knight revealed, has driveable Batmobile
    6. Murdered: Soul Suspect release date announced
    7. Watch us play South Park: The Stick of Truth from 5pm GMT
    8. Podcast S2E9: Cheaper Xbox Ones, South Park and thank yous
    9. Why 2014 FIFA World Cup is skipping PS4 and Xbox One
    10. How 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil is justifying its full-fat price tag
    11. Billy Goats Gruff! Goat Simulator has a release date
    12. Could you survive on Mars?
    13. Project Spark beta launches on Xbox One today
    14. Peggle 2 out on Xbox 360 on 7th May
    15. Unlicensed SNES game Super 3D Noah's Ark to be reprinted
    16. Shadowrun: Dragonfall review
    17. 17-minute video of Blizzard's MOBA Heroes of the Storm
    18. DICE explains state of Battlefield 4 "netcode issues"
    19. Free COD: Ghosts multiplayer demo on Xbox this weekend
    20. PlayStation 4 sales hit 6m after Japan launch
    21. South Park: The Stick of Truth videos reveal censored content
    1. Explore the Seinfeld apartment in Oculus Rift
    2. PS4-exclusive minimalist platformer N++ debuts gameplay footage
    3. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 swings to Europe in May
    4. Vlambeer's dogfighting game Luftrausers launches in a fortnight
    5. Fez finally comes to PS4, PS3 and Vita in March
    6. Interceptor buys 3D Realms amid Gearbox lawsuit
    7. This year's BAFTA Fellowship award goes to...
    8. Heroes of Dragon Age review
    9. BioWare "discussed" Mass Effect PS4/Xbox One remasters
    10. Code Britannia: Raffaele Cecco
    11. UK chart: Thief steals top spot
    12. Titanfall's 15 maps revealed in new leak
    13. March's free Xbox 360 Games with Gold titles announced
    14. Ultra Street Fighter 4 just got a lot more interesting
    15. Hi, fantasy: Exploring the world of Age of Wonders 3
    1. Video: Let's Replay Crash Team Racing
    2. Would the real Ken Levine kindly stand up?
    3. In Theory: 1080p30 vs 720p60 - could next-gen let us choose?
    4. Dragon Warrior Monsters retrospective
    1. Letter from America: Who makes the best Zelda games?
    2. What's so great about vampires anyway?
    3. Finding someone to thank for the good stuff