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Microsoft to begin warning naughty Xbox One players

Continued misbehaviour may see you banned from Twitch.

Microsoft has gone into detail about the Xbox One's player reputation scoring system, and what might happen if you've been naughty.

At first, players with a poor reputation will simply be warned about their disruptive actions - such as abusive language or in-game griefing.

But continued bad behaviour will see players paired only with others who misbehave. Users may also lose "privileges" such as the ability to broadcast gameplay via Twitch, a post on Xbox Wire explains.

Reputation is shown via a coloured gauge on your profile. Green is "good", yellow and orange signifies "needs work" and red is "avoid me".

"Good" players make up the majority of users, and at some point Microsoft intends to introduce rewards for remaining in this category.

The first warnings for bad behaviour will be handed out by Microsoft this month - and could see you pushed into the "needs work" category.

But Microsoft is keen to emphasise that its algorithm for determining your player reputation score has been designed to recognise deliberate attempts to abuse the system - and it will only penalise players for sustained bad behaviour.

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