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Goat Simulator's launch trailer is a work of cinematic genius

Who says games can't be art?

Remember the Dead Island reveal trailer? Man, that had everything! Drama, tragedy, violence, a melancholy piano ballad, reverse slow-mo. But there was one thing it didn't have: goats! Now Goat Simulator is here to fix this by recreating Deep Silver's famous trailer the way it should have been, as it reveals the shocking final moments of the life of the greatest (*whelp*) goat who ever lived: the Goat Simulator goat.

Cover image for YouTube videoGoat Simulator Official Launch Trailer

For the uninitiated, Goat Simulator began as a joke game by Swedish developer Coffee Stain Studios, but the indie dev decided to release a spruced up version of it due to popular demand. In a hilariously subversive marketing pitch, Coffee Stain promises "millions of bugs."

"We're only eliminating the crash-bugs, everything else is hilarious and we're keeping it," the studio boasted on Goat Simulator's Steam page. The goal of the game is simply to wreck as much stuff as possible, while dedicated users can craft their own missions, maps, game modes, and even goats then upload them via Steam Workshop.

Goat Simulator will be released to the general public on 1st April, but pre-order it for $9.99 and you'll receive it three days early on 29th March.