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New Goat Simulator DLC teases flamingo, camel and dolphin-in-a-wheelchair characters

I kid you not.

A new lump of downloadable content has been teased for slapstick physics romp Goat Simulator. Judging by a trailer, it brings new playable flamingo, camel, goat and dolphin-in-a-wheelchair (I kid you not) characters to the game.

The new faces introduce themselves by having a surreal chat at a cafe about paying for DLC and supporting indie developers. God, that's all animals ever talk about these days. The chatterers are styled on stereotypical Italian American gangsters, with names like Humphrey Ciabatta (the camel) and Valentino Salami (the flamingo).

The video gives a good look at the characters and how they'll appear in the game, but offers little detail about the DLC beyond that.

Goat Simulator is currently £7 on Steam. It's also available on PlayStation and Xbox consoles, and mobile platforms, although I've always thought its rough-around-the-edges glitchy charm made it better suited to the tinkering-friendly audience on PC.

There's been one paid extension to Goat Simulator so far in GoatZ, a riff on DayZ - a zombie-survival game. There's also a free World of Warcraft-inspired pisstake called Goat MMO Simulator

Yep, see.
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