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Chin up Kojima, Goat Simulator's got your baaaaack

"You're always welcome to work with us…"

As Konami continues its attempt to erase Hideo Kojima from history, one developer has stepped into the breach.

The people behind Goat Simulator, the bonkers physics-based third-person action game in which you play as a goat, just added Kojima to the credits for the game.

On Facebook, Coffee Stain Studios published the image, below, showing the addition. Along with most people who like video games, the Swedish developer calls for the return of P.T., the brilliant demo recently removed from the PlayStation Store following the cancellation of Silent Hills.

"We heard that Hideo Kojima was removed from the credits for Metal Gear Solid 5 so we added him to the credits for Goat Simulator," Coffee Stain Studios said.

Kojima is expected to leave Konami at the end of the year, following the release of Metal Gear Solid 5. The celebrated game designer will then be a free agent.

"You're always welcome to work with us Kojima!" Coffee Stain Studios said.

Meanwhile, P.T. is still up on Sony's EU servers, despite it being pulled completely in North America. So if you had downloaded it before deleting it, there's still time to re-download it.

It's Friday. The election was last night. Watch this video.

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