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Looks like Call of Duty's DMZ mode is getting a Metal Gear Solid-style extraction balloon

Reverse deployment.

Call of Duty Warzone 2.0's DMZ mode appears to be getting a Metal Gear Solid-style extraction balloon.

Redditor Top_Scientist4578 datamined the item which will be available to purchase from Buy Stations around Al-Mazrah (the map which DMZ and Warzone is based in).

Based on the screenshot, the item will cost $2000 in-game to purchase, although that's probably a placeholder value.

For those of you who haven't played a Metal Gear Solid, one of Snake's key tools is the Fulton Extraction Balloon, which allows him to extract just about anything back to base, including soldiers, cargo and vehicles.

Unfortunately, I doubt the extraction balloon in DMZ will be as versatile and will likely be only used to extract weapons and key items like weapon blueprints or keycards.

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Still, it's a pretty neat addition that will help players save key items in case they die in-game. DMZ is a Tarkov-style mode in which players lose all their gear if they are killed before extracting out the map.

The mode is currently labelled as a beta, which is either a reflection of the buggy state of the game or that expectation of substantially more content down the line.

Speaking of Warzone, check out Digital Foundry's performance analysis of the game on current-gen consoles. Spoilers: it performs quite well!.

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