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Video: Dark Souls 2 preview

What's changed in From Software's sequel, and what's stayed the same?

After what feels like a lifetime spent wandering the strange depths of Lordran, it's hard to believe that Dark Souls 2 is only a matter of weeks away from launch. From Software's sequel is a prospect as terrifying as it is exciting: how can you possibly go about topping one of the greatest games of all time? No matter what happens, opinions and passion for the original are so strong that there's likely to be delight and disappointment in equal measure.

I'm still not quite sure where I stand on it, but having played the first hour I'm at least reassured that this is a worthy successor to the two previous Souls games. Will it reach the same heights? That's something that won't become clear until months after Dark Souls 2 comes out, if ever. Ian's put together a little video that lets you peer into Dark Souls 2's Drangleic, and it's worth a look if you're curious about what's in store. Needless to say we'll be bombarding you with livestreams and Let's Plays as soon as we get our hands on the final thing.

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