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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Souls Week: Some of our favourite Souls pieces from over the years

From Elden Ring to a very strange restaurant.

Hello - as part of Souls Week we thought it would be nice to pick over some of our favourite pieces on the games of From Software from over the years. Then we realised how many pieces there were - cor, quite a lot. We've narrowed it down to these, but do dig around if your favourite piece isn't listed here - there was simply too much great stuff.

As ever, thanks in particular to our wonderful freelancers from over the years who have brought the site such riches. Thank you!

Elden Ring:

Elden Ring.Watch on YouTube

Let's start off with some Elden Ring pieces.

Here's a look at the early access test.

And here's our final preview.


Bloodborne next, purely because it was the next to come to mind. We were lucky enough to get Rich Stanton to write the review.

Martin wrote a piece dispelling some myths.

And here's another piece by Rich, going in deep.


Oh, Sekiro! Edwin wrote our review.

And it was Emma's game of the year.

Here's a rather special piece about a specific piece of folklore, from the luminous Ewan Wilson.

And this is magic: Vivek Gohil writes about challenge and empathy.

Still want more? How about speedrunning?

Dark Souls 3

Cooking!Watch on YouTube

Our Dark Souls 3 review was another brilliant piece from Rich Stanton.

And this is a recent piece from Ed that feels like it's already a classic: Accessibility, Dark Souls 3 style.

After that, how about some cookery? Miss this guy, big time.

And here's a lovely piece with some thoughts from Miyazaki himself! A proper treat.

Dark Souls 2

Tom Bramwell wrote our Dark Souls 2 review. I can still remember sitting with him in the old Eurogamer games room as he played through this, face completely lit up with delight.

Dark Souls

And Oli wrote our Dark Souls review.

We were lucky enough to get an extract from You Died, from Keza and Jason. Do give it a read. It's one of the best games books ever.

Then there's this piece from Rich, which is just a stunning piece of writing: Becoming the Dark Soul. More Rich! Dark Souls and Skyrim considered together.

And then Jeffrey went to the Dark Souls Cafe.

Demon's Souls

Demon's Souls.Watch on YouTube

Demon's Souls! Here's our review of the PS5 remake.

And here's our review of the original, by Keza, who also interviewed the great Miyazaki.

Souls in general

Here's a wonderful Stanton piece on lore and how it works.

Meanwhile, Andreas Inderwildi touches on Dark Souls in three brilliant pieces: on doors, on death, and on the cosmos.

Caelyn wrote recently about how Dark Souls amongst other games have been a help.

Grace spoke to a lot of people about saving NPCs.

Ewan and Gareth both wrote beautiful pieces about architecture.

And finally - back to the source.