Dark Souls


Feature | Tough Love: On Dark Souls' Difficulty

An extract from You Died: The Dark Souls Companion

Feature | An ode to video game doors

Walking you through the doors of Doom, Dark Souls and more.

Dark Souls walkthrough, guide and tips for the PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch adventure

Survive Lordan's trials with our Dark Souls walkthrough, guide and tips.

Dark Souls Estus Flask locations: How to strengthen your Estus Flask with Fire Keeper Souls

Every location to strengthen your Estus Flask and healing abilities in Dark Souls.

Nintendo Switch is getting Dark Souls Remastered

UPDATE: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One versions confirmed too.

Feature | I came to Dark Souls so late that it's basically like going to Disneyland

How time and fame have made Lordran even more intriguing.

Dark Souls dev begins work on new IP - report

Dark Souls 3 to receive two DLC add-ons.

Dark Souls is getting an official board game

Will launch a Kickstarter this month.

Marvel at Dark Souls' Greatsword of Artorias made in real life

By the blacksmiths behind Bloodborne's Saw Cleaver.

Dark Souls and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 receive Xbox One backwards compatibility

Last-gen games now available directly from the Xbox One marketplace.

Dark Souls to receive Xbox One backwards compatibility

UPDATE: Pre-order bonus for Dark Souls 3 confirmed, priced.

Twitch completes Dark Souls

After modding it into a turn-based game.

Demon's Souls was "a failure" before Miyazaki stepped up

"If my ideas failed, nobody would care."

Watch Dark Souls completed in under 50 minutes

UPDATE: Another record set using the "Kiln Skip" exploit.

Feature | Demon's Souls still feels fresher than its "Dark" successors

Jeffrey revisits Boletaria and finds much has changed.

Dark Souls will be supported on GFWL "for the foreseeable future"

Namco is "currently seeking avenues" to keep Dark Souls on "other services".

Newspaper report linking stabbing of Leeds teacher to Dark Souls disputed

Daily Mail article singles out From Software's medieval fantasy.

Dark Souls gets its own themed cafe in Tokyo

I'll have the Sir Onion rings, please.

It's the last day of the Steam Sale

"And we've brought back the most popular deals."

Dark Souls mod makes enemies horrifyingly aggressive

Rearranges their placement and you can't run from them.

Dark Souls art book reaches western shores in November

For the princely sum of £29.99 / $28.91.

Dark Souls worldwide sales total 2.3 million

Sequel to be released on Xbox 360 in Japan for first time.

Miyazaki won't be directly involved in Dark Souls 2, doesn't want too many sequels

"The concept of time and the existence of time is something that will be key to Dark Souls 2.”

Dark Souls 2: there's a "core" that needs protecting says Miyazaki

But there's "a lot around that we need to fix or adjust besides".

Dark Souls 2 officially announced

UPDATE: Coming to PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Dark Souls' director reveals the pendant's true purpose

"I actually had a little bit of an intention to play a prank.”

Feature | Becoming the Dark Soul

From the archive: Rich Stanton goes in pursuit of the game's crowning achievement.

Dark Souls PC mod modded to enable 60fps

Fan work continues to make lacklustre port shine.

UK chart: Sleeping Dogs denies Darksiders 2

But sales up on first Darksiders' launch week.

Digital Foundry | Tech Comparison: Dark Souls PC

Prepare to dial up the resolution.

Digital Foundry | Dark Souls: DFPC 768p vs 1080p Performance Video

The vanilla Dark Souls up against the modified version set to 1080p running on our £300 games PC.

Digital Foundry | Dark Souls: DFPC vs. Xbox 360 Performance Video

Can PC power resolve the frame-rate issues of the console versions of Dark Souls?

Digital Foundry | Dark Souls: Xbox 360 vs. PC Face-Off Video

It's true - out of the box, the PC version runs at a fixed 1024x720 resolution, just like the Xbox 360 game.

Digital Foundry | Dark Souls: Xbox 360 vs. PC (Mod) Face-Off Video

Console versus computer on one of the year's most controversial PC releases. Here we see the PC version running at 1080p super-sampled down to 720p using the resolution mod.

Feature | Dark Souls PC Preview: The Devil's Bargain

From Software brings its dark fantasy RPG to PC - with some unexpected strings attached.

Feature | Lost Humanity 1: Fighting Talk

Robert Florence's new weekly Eurogamer column.

Dark Souls PC system requirements reveal multiplayer microphone support

UPDATE: It's a "listing error". No in-game chat on PC.

Video | Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition trailer

Artorias of the Abyss DLC also coming to PS3, Xbox 360.

Cliffy B: Japan game devs must not ignore multiplayer

"The fact Vanquish didn't have multiplayer was a crime."

Dark Souls sells over a million in the West

Ace Combat, Soulcalibur 5 sales in.

Will new Dark Souls PC content be released as console DLC?

Miyazaki: "I cannot answer your question."

Dark Souls PC may not be restricted to Games for Windows Live

Publisher and producer acknowledges petition.

Thousands sign anti-GFWL Dark Souls PC petition

"For a lot of customers it's Steam or no sale."

Dark Souls PC confirmed in German magazine

Prepare to Die Edition adds new bosses.

Dark Souls dev sorry for frame-rate issues, uncertain on sequel

"We don't know if the users will forgive us."

Dark Souls PC petition gets Namco Bandai's attention

Has more than 65,000 signatures in seven days.

Dark Souls DLC in the works - report

From Software to flesh out its brutal RPG?

Online movement for Dark Souls PC port gathers pace

Petition: "PC gamers love unforgiving, hardcore games."

Feature | Telling Tales: Skyrim and Dark Souls

From the archive: When the mountain won't come to Muhammad.

Dark Souls patch 1.05 released, notes

Out now on PS3 and Xbox 360.

Namco Bandai records big half-year profit

Fuelled by strong software sales in Japan.

Dark Souls worldwide sales: 1.5 million shipped

Impressive enough for a third game?

UK top 40: FIFA denies Rage, Dark Souls

But newcomers debut strongly.

Feature | Saturday Soapbox: Horrible Bosses

Are gaming's greatest villains an endangered species?

Creepy Dark Souls enemy artwork

From Software shows freaky foes.

Digital Foundry | Dark Souls PS3/360 Face-Off Video

As close to like-for-like as you can get.

Digital Foundry | Dark Souls PS3/360 Performance Analysis #2 Video

A second look at the PS3 and Xbox 360 games.

Digital Foundry | Dark Souls PS3/360 Performance Analysis #1 Video

The first of two videos looking at From Software's classic.

Out This Week - 07/10/11

Rage! Dark Souls! NBA! Cursed!

Video | Monstrous new Dark Souls footage

Hardcore role-player out next week.

Dark Souls, ICO HD top Japan chart

While 3DS hardware gains momentum.

Dark Souls dev punishing early birds

Nasty surprise for street date busters.

Feature | Dark Souls

Into the heart of darkness.

Video | Dark Souls, Armoured Core 5 dev diary

New From Software developer diary.

Dark Souls achievements revealed

Anyone going for 100 per cent?

Video | Dark Souls creepy prologue teased

Survival RPG for 7th October launch.

Video | Dark Souls trailer prepares to die

Shadowy survival RPG out in October.

Video | New Dark Souls footage slices in

Giants, skeletons and lots of teeth.

New Dark Souls screenshots

From From Software.

Design a shield for Dark Souls DLC

Download templates, get scribbling.

Video | Latest Dark Souls footage soars in

An atmospheric dragon-filled E3 trailer.

Dark Souls October release date

UPDATE: European launch confirmed.

Dark Souls, Ridge Racer hit Eurogamer Expo

Namco Bandai to turn out in force.

Feature | Dark Souls

A knight to dismember.

New Dark Souls screens emerge

Fruit of the gloom.

Dark Souls Collector's Edition detailed

Deluxe set to cost same as standard game.

Video | Brutal new Dark Souls trailer released

Namco action RPG launches this October.

Dark Souls reveals Beacon Fires

You'll see these a lot.

Dark Souls 1.5x as big as Demon's Souls

Explore and set own side-quests.

No demo planned for Dark Souls

DLC looks unlikely too.

Dark Souls almost called Dark Race

Dark Ring discounted too.

Feature | Dark Souls

Hardcore spawn.

Miyazaki up for doing Dark Souls NGP

"It won't be a straight port if we do it."

Dark Souls plans late 2011 release date

Miyazaki: Expect to die a lot.

Video | Dark Souls gets official announcement

First footage of the fantasy fighter.

Initial Dark Souls screenshots hit

Ex-Project Dark dated for 2011.

Dark Souls harder than Demon's Souls

Difficulty "greatly increased".

Will Project Dark come to Europe?

"Wait and see," says Namco Bandai.

Demon's Souls dev reveals Project Dark

Aimed at Demon's Souls fans.