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Dark Souls walkthrough, guide and tips for the PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch adventure

Survive Lordan's trials with our Dark Souls walkthrough, guide and tips.

A remaster of Dark Souls - one of the most celebrated adventures of all time - has finally arrived on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

Whether you are playing on these systems - or the original Xbox 360 and PS3 versions - our Dark Souls walkthrough can help you explore this huge, sprawling and often intimidating adventure, and survive its many challenging boss battles.

As well as a series of Dark Souls guides to help answer any questions outside of the main quest, we have a handful of Dark Souls tips that are worth reading, whether you are playing for the very first time or are coming to the adventure for the first time since previous generation systems.

Dark Souls walkthrough

Though Dark Souls has a vast interconnected world, certain areas are locked off until you defeat specific bosses. Below is the order you'd want to tackle them, though note much later in the game you can visit one of four areas - the choice at this point, is yours.

Opening areas

Ringing the First Bell

Ringing the Second Bell

The road to Anor Londo

Note the following four bosses and their adjoining areas can be tackled in any order:

Finding Seath the Scaleless

Finding The Four Kings

Finding Gravelord Nito

Finding Bed of Chaos

Once the above four bosses are down, you can go on to complete the game.

Completing Dark Souls

Other areas off the main path

Additional bosses off the main path

Artorias of the Abyss DLC areas and bosses

More Dark Souls guides

Dark Souls tips

Dark Souls has a reputation for being notoriously obtuse, with the game not actually explaining many of its mechanics to you. However lucky for you, we've not left a stone unturned in the world of Dark Souls, meaning that you'll be able to wrap the machinations of the game all around your head with these tips that you need to know before you start playing Dark Souls: Remastered.

Leveling Up is not as important as you think

While a lot of traditional RPGs intrinsically tie your power directly to your level, Dark Souls' Soul Level is less of an advantage than you might think. Many of the offensive stats (Strength, Dexterity) won't actually help you out in a tough fight that much. Instead, the big jumps in power come with upgrading your weapons and gear with Titanite. The stats that you will passively want to level up are Health and Endurance, giving you more health and options in combat.

Where the stats and levelling up do come in handy is where armor and weapon requirements are concerned. If you want to wield a Zweihander, for example, you'll need to level your dexterity up to 16 to wield it in one hand. While it may be tempting to pump your souls into Strength and Dexterity- there are better options out there than simply running a 'pure' build.

Humanity, Human Form & Soul Form explained

Humanity is the stat to the left of your health bar. The game does a pretty poor job with telling you what it actually is, though. Humanity can be stocked for various uses, such as levelling up a covenant, increasing your attack power and also restoring your health.

Humanity also comes in two forms - as an item and 'stocked'. You can occasionally find Humanity as an item left behind by enemies or in the world, in this form you can also use a Humanity to fully restore your health, and also stock it.

Stocked Humanity refers to the number next to your health bar. You can get more by continually progressing through the game, or using a Humanity item. However, if you die, this stocked humanity will be left behind with your bloodstain.

Humanity's main use is to help you revert to Human Form. When you start Dark Souls, you will begin in Soul Form, and see the character you lovingly created mangled up and with half health.

In addition to this, you will not be able to summon player to help you, instead, you will only be able to lay your summon sign down to help another player. If you succeed and defeat that area's boss, you will return to Human Form.

Human Form is the form that you will often turn to if you need more health, or to summon NPCs and other players to help you out. You revert to human form if you have stocked humanity and selecting "Reverse Hollow" at the Bonfire.

Keep an eye on Messages and Bloodstains

One great feature in Dark Souls is the ability to read messages left by other players. While many of these messages can be genuinely helpful and lead you to rare gear or items, a lot of them are red herrings, that will often lead you to your death. Be sure to take advantage of this feature, as people can vote your message up, which will restore your health in a pinch.

Bloodstains on the ground will also help you discern dangerous areas and upcoming enemy ambushes. Be sure to take a peek at these to see where people died, and to be sure to avoid their fate.

It's okay to lose Souls

For those familiar to game like it, Dark Souls is a pretty difficult game to make your way through, and losing your Souls, which act as both your experience points and currency in shops. It can be tempting to stockpile them and keep a large amount on you at any given time, but due to the nature of Dark Souls' Bloodstain system, where you have one chance at regaining them before they disappear, you'll want to be spending Souls on items and levelling up all the way through the game.

Additionally, if you're stuck in any certain area, it's okay to lose souls. Levelling up is much less valuable than upgrading your gear, so if you want to do a suicide run to get some rare/strong itms, then don't be afraid to lose a few thousand souls while doing it.

Engage in Jolly Cooperation

It is pretty easy to help out your fellow players. You'll want to encounter Solaire of Astora in the Undead Burg, who will give you the White Sign Soapstone if you talk to him enough. This will let you leave your Summon Sign down for other players to find and summon you to help them out.

If you need help and want to summon in a player or phantom, then you should be able to easily do this by returning to Human Form, and organically encountering any player or NPCs Soapstone on the ground. Beware though, as while in human form you can also be invaded by other players.

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