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Are tips and guides really essential for Elden Ring newcomers to get good?

An actual beginner finds out!

The pre and post launch hype behind Elden Ring's Shadow of the Erdtree DLC has been impossible to ignore, but has it managed to convince any of you 'never-Souls' players to finally give the game a try?

The oft-mention difficulty curve of the Souls series can be an instant turn off for some. I mean, what possible fun could there be in getting your Tarnished butt handed to you every 10 minutes or so? That sounds rubbish! But also, deep down, maybe you just can't shake that feeling that you might be missing out on something incredibly special?

That's how Maddie Cullen felt as she saw our internal chats about Shadow of the Erdtree, so she decided to test out whether or not following tips and guides could help her to embrace the pain and help her get into the game. Join Maddie as she documents her first few hours of the game to see if tips and guides are essential tools for a newcomer on the video player above or, if you'd prefer to watch it on YouTube, you'll find that embedded just below these words.

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If like Maddie, you need a little help with Elden Ring too, do check out our guides to both the base game and the DLC.

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