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Watch Dogs graphics look better in the latest trailer

UPDATE: Footage taken from a PS4 dev kit.

UPDATE 31/03/2014: The recently-released Watch Dogs Welcome to Chicago trailer contains footage captured from the PlayStation 4 version of the game, Ubisoft Montreal has revealed.

"Just to clarify: Our "Welcome to Chicago" trailer is indeed PS4 Devkit footage. I know this was a popular question so there you go :)," Watch Dogs creative director Jonathan Morin confirmed on Twitter.

Elsewhere, Morin was again asked about the game's 2012 E3 reveal footage, which many consider to be of a higher graphical quality than footage subsequently released.

Morin said in some cases the game had surpassed the footage shown in 2012, which was taken from a high end PC.

But when asked whether the PC version featured different graphical effects compared to the PS4 and Xbox One versions, Morin appealed for patience.

ORIGINAL STORY 28/03/2014: When Ubisoft Montreal re-unveiled open world hacking game Watch Dogs earlier this month it caused a bit of a stir. The trailer that came along with the slew of previews and a final release date didn't exactly paint the game in the best light. In fact some accused Watch Dogs of suffering a downgrade in graphics quality. The video is below.

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At the time creative director Jonathan Morin said the trailer "wasn't a good graphics reference". Last night, Ubisoft Montreal released a new trailer for Watch Dogs, focusing on the technology that went into creating the virtual city of Chicago, and it seems this time the developer is showing off the game looking its best. It's there, below.

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The city is rendered by a new graphics engine specifically built for Watch Dogs, reveals the narrator. It has "rich, dynamic lighting". Weather and physics affect "every element" of the game world to create a living city.

There are loads of non-player characters, too, that should come across as varied. Ubisoft said there are over 3000 character kits. The number of NPCs players can encounter at one time depends on the time of day and location (there are more people about during the day, for example). Ubisoft said the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version of the game will feature more NPCs than the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 version, as you'd expect.

Watch Dogs is out in May. Eurogamer's Tom Phillips recently went to Ubisoft Montreal to play it - and find out why it had been delayed.

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