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Watch Dogs - walkthrough, mission guide, hacking, access codes, strategy guide

Don't miss our essential walkthrough for Watch Dogs' single-player campaign, investigations, side missions, secrets and online content.

Watch Dogs, Ubisoft's much-hyped sandbox game of cyber-subterfuge, has finally hit the shelves nearly two years after its E43 reveal. Set in a Chicago of the not-too-distant future, you assume the role of Aiden Pearce, a hacker-supreme hot on the heels of justice following the sinister death of his niece.

There are stories and systems galore to get stuck into, and we'll be expanding our guide as we make our way through the game. To get things started, we're putting together a complete walkthrough for the game's single-player campaign, with a guide to Watch Dogs' online multiplayer and side-mission content to follow.

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Watch Dogs: PS4 vs PC Ultra Comparison

Watch Dogs: Act 1 walkthrough

Watch Dogs - Bottom of the Eighth, access code, blackout, hideout, camera hacking
The opening section of Watch Dogs teaches you the fundamentals of hacking Chicago.

Watch Dogs - They Can't Hide, profiling people, access bank accounts, potential crimes
How to track down the would-be assailant, and hack a little free cash while you're at it.

Watch Dogs - Big Brother, city hacking, caller location, GPS, phone hack
Use the city itself to take down an opponent, and bag the maximum experience points.

Watch Dogs - Foresight, hack ATMs, make money, 416 Full-Auto Assault Rifle
We'll help you hack some quick cash to finish up this brief mission.

Watch Dogs - Backstage Pass, access code, hacking game, evade guards, crane
How to complete this mission without raising the alarm - or your blood pressure.

Watch Dogs - Hacking Contract, 2XTheTap, hacker, Online Contracts App, Online Hacking
We'll walk you through your first encounter with an aggressive hacker.

Watch Dogs - Backseat Driver, avoid the police, blockade, fugitive, garage hack
How to avoid the attention of the police and reach your target safely.

Watch Dogs - Open Your World, kill the guards, laptop hack, Badboy17, Clara
We'll show you how to clear the building, grab the code you need, and escape the police.

Watch Dogs - Thanks For The Tip, signal location, ctOS box, phone hack, Fixers
How to clear the building of guards, grab the code you need, and make it out alive.

Watch Dogs - Not The Pizza Guy, explosive panel, avoid Fixers
Tips for dealing with the guards in this section, and advice for dodging the final firefight.

Watch Dogs - A Wrench In The Works, Angelo Tucci, Profiler, niece, car chase
How to track down Tucci and take him out for good.

Watch Dogs - Dressed in Peels, Raul Lionzo, gun, escape, access network, Focus Boost
Our guide to navigating this tricky mission without causing a riot.

Watch Dogs: Act 2 walkthrough

Watch Dogs - Hold On, Kiddo, Jackson, station, train hack, Fixer fight, L-train
We'll walk you through hacking the train station and dealing with both Fixer fights.

Watch Dogs - Brandon Docks ctOS Control Centre, sniper, sniper rifle, ctOS server
Our guide to sniping your way into the ctOS building without breaking a sweat.

Watch Dogs - Breakable Things, Racine's office, clues, armoured guards, IED
How to complete this mission without coming a cropper with the armoured guards.

Watch Dogs - Collateral, defend Clara, explosive traps, escape the motel
Our walkthrough for surviving this mission's deadly fire-fights.

Watch Dogs - One Foot in the Grave, find Tobias, bridge access, poker, catch Tobias
How to find Tobias quickly and stop him in his tracks.

Watch Dogs - A Blank Spot There-ish, generators, access buildings, power controls
Our guide to activating all three generators quickly and simply.

Watch Dogs - The Wards ctOS Control Center, access code, forklift, hacking game
How to unlock the second of Watch Dogs' control centres without alerting the guards.

Watch Dogs - Jury-Rigged, security terminals, ctOS Tower, sniper, patrols
We'll help you avoid the attention of the snipers as you search for the security terminals.

Watch Dogs - Grandma's Bulldog, Rossi-Fremont, Damien's IP address, laptop camera
How to complete the fiddly camera-work in this tricky mission.

Watch Dogs - Not a Job for Tyrone, Bedbug, tracker, protect Rabbit, escape
Stay on Bedbug's trail and get Rabbit to safety with the next part of our guide.

Watch Dogs - Uninvited, blackmail, Sienna Brick Factory, place IEDs, find Bedbug
How to use the IEDs correctly before tracking down Bedbug.

Watch Dogs - Breadcrumbs, briefcase, boat, access marina, patrols
Our quick guide to tracking the briefcase, then pinching it from under the guards' noses.

Watch Dogs - Mad Mile ctOS Control Center, ctOS hack, attract guards
Unlocking the next ctOS Control Center without alerting the authorities.

Watch Dogs - Stare into the Abyss, Crispin, Crispin's phone, frag grenade, Infinite 92
How to take out your target with one very big bang.

Watch Dogs - A Risky Bid, Iraq, IDs, weapons, crane, short-cut
Our guide to every fight in this action-packed mission.

Watch Dogs - Role Model, find Jackson, environment hacks, hacking skill
Surviving the deadly firefights, and making your way to Jackson.

Watch Dogs - Planting a Bug, contact Bedbug, Iraq's server room, escape the Viceroys
How to guide Bedbug through this tricky penultimate mission.

Watch Dogs - Way Off The Grid, data upload, hard drive, final chase
Our simple guide to the final mission of Watch Dogs' second act.

Watch Dogs: Act 3 walkthrough

Watch Dogs - Pawnee ctOS Control Center, Pawnee access code, guard camera
How to successfully infiltrate the next ctoS Control Center without being spotted.

Watch Dogs - Hope is a Sad Thing, drinking game, Ray Kenney, gate, password, antenna
Our guide to manipulating this mission, and finishing the drinking game in style.

Watch Dogs - Let's Play Make a Deal, T-Bone, truck, militia, compound
Keep up with T-Bone, steal his truck, drop it off, then escape to safety.

Watch Dogs - A Pit of Paranoia, helicopter hack, find Blume chiefs, restricted area
Identify the Blume security chiefs, assassinate them, then flee the scene safely.

Watch Dogs - Unstoppable Force, convoy, IED, armoured guards
Interrupt the convoy and take out your target without breaking a sweat.

Watch Dogs - The Future is in Blume, infiltrate Blume, ctOS boxes, profiling, spyware
Sneak in, install the spyware, then get out without being spotted.

Watch Dogs - For the Portfolio, protect T-Bone, militia, defences, boat
Hook up with T-Bone, keep him alive during the militia fight, then flee to safety.

Watch Dogs - By Any Means Necessary, Rossi-Fremont, server data, Iraq fight, Iraq's guard
Sneak into Iraq's server room, steal the data, and then finish Act 3's final fight.

Watch Dogs: Act 4 walkthrough

Watch Dogs - Someone's Knocking, hacking game
Complete the tough hacking mini-game.

Watch Dogs - In Plain Sight, van chase, kill the Fixer, escape the police
Catch up with the Fixer fast, then escape the police.

Watch Dogs - The Rat's Lair, access point, keep T-Bone alive, escape the Fixers
Track down the hacking point, keep T-Bone alive, and survive the furious firefight.

Watch Dogs - The Defalt Condition, find Defalt, hack Defalt's server
Locate Defalt, get on his tail, then pinch the data from right under his nose.

Watch Dogs - Little Sister, phone hack, guide Nicky, hack network, fight or escape
Track down Nicky, lead her to safety, then make your escape.

Watch Dogs - Ghosts of the Past, police helicopter, avoid the police
Flee the city without being seen by the police.

Watch Dogs - No Turning Back, Quinn, office, rooftop fight, download video
Track down Quinn, steal the video from his office, and survive the deadly rooftop firefight.

Watch Dogs: Act 5 walkthrough

Watch Dogs - Sometimes You Still Lose, Maurice, ctOS locations, Damien, lighthouse
Hack ctOS, track down Damien, and finish the single-player game.

Watch Dogs: secrets and collectibles guide

Watch Dogs - Burner Phones, locations, Sanity Check, hidden items, collectibles
Find all eight of Watch Dogs' burner phones.

Watch Dogs: ctOs Towers, locations, Clear Signals, trophy, achievement
Track down and unlock every last ctOS Tower.

Watch Dogs - QR Codes, hidden messages, Gangstar Assault Rifle, Read-Only
Find every single QR code and unlock a new weapon.

Watch Dogs - Missing Persons Investigations, Crie For Your Daughter, Darkness Looms
Uncover all the corpses then put a stop to the killer.

Watch Dogs - Human Traffic Investigations, Revoking Client Privileges, Out of Business
Complete all ten investigations, then finish Demarco for good.

Watch Dogs - Weapons Trade Investigations, Saturday Night Special, They Call Him The Vigilante
Find all nine weapon crates and finish the bonus mission.

Watch Dogs - online tips, invasions, how to blend in, avoid other players
Tips for hiding in plain sight during mulitplayer sessions.

Watch Dogs - Gang Hideouts, main targets, rewards, Spec Ops weapons
Track down and clear out all fifteen of the game's hidden hideouts.

Watch Dogs: DLC walkthrough

Watch Dogs - Breakthrough, convoy, interception, escape
Smash your way through the first of Watch Dogs' DLC missions.

Watch Dogs - The Palace, SoSueMe, hard drives, stealth
Sneak in and out of SoSueMe's mansion, then track down those hard drives.

Watch Dogs - Signature Shot, tailing, smuggler, weapon buyer, weapon
Tail your target and sneak out with the hidden weapon.

We'll be adding to our comprehensive Watch Dogs guide in the coming days.