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Watch Dogs - Bottom of the Eighth, access code, blackout, hideout, camera hacking

We'll walk you through Watch Dogs' opening mission, from avoiding the guards to starting the power blackout and escaping from the police.

Watch Dogs' opening mission has you escaping some unfriendly fire, avoiding the attentions of the guards, shutting down the power of an entire stadium, then escaping to safety. Not much to deal with on your first mission, then. We'll show you how to tick off the many objectives of this first mission in short order, and get to grips with some of the fundamentals of Watch Dogs.

Bottom of the Eighth

- Shoot Maurice

Take your gun out, point it in Maurice's direction, and then pull the trigger to start a cut-scene. As soon as Maurice starts lunging towards you, get ready to complete a takedown which will put him back down on the ground. Make your way to the next objective.

- Examine Maurice's phone for information

This is easy to finish up. Simply hack the phone that's lying on the floor by aiming towards it.

- Leave the locker room when ready

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If you want to carry on with the story right away, simply head towards the door to exit the locker room. Alternatively, you can muck around with a few things in the room. The soda machine behind you can be hacked, while there are important meds on the shelf over to your right, and there's a chemical component lying on the floor too. Go around the corner to your left and you'll find a hackable system key. Carry on towards your left and you'll be able to loot 230 dollars from the paper bag sitting on the shelf.

When you've looted everything, go through the door and then make your way to the objective marker to begin another cut-scene.

- Sneak past the police

Head to the end of the corridor, but make sure you take cover before you go around the corner. Keep an eye on your mini-map for a visual aid to where the police are, and when they're looking in your direction - the arrows coming out of the circles indicate where the police's attention is focused. As soon as you have a clear opening, run over to the boxes on your left and take cover.

As soon as you have another opening, head forward towards the next stack of boxes. You'll know you're in the right place if there's a police officer to your left and one to your right. If you look over to your left, you should be able to see a pitching machine. Hack it to attract the attention of one of the police officers. Now look around the corner to your right and you'll be able to highlight and use the Attract object to divert the other policeman.

Once both of the guards have been distracted, head up the ramp on your left quickly, and then make your way towards the waypoint. Keep heading up the ramp and then climb over the dumpster to get to the next objective. You'll complete this task by activating the Profiler.

The opening mission introduces you to some of the core mechanics of the game.

- Hack the camera

- Follow the data flow line to its source

- Unlock the door

If you look to your left you should be able to see a camera. Hack it to take control, then move the camera's view up and left until you see another camera. Hack your way to the new device, then swing it a little to the left to see the next camera along. Hack this third camera and move the view up until you see a fourth device. Once you have control of this last camera, you'll be able to look down and see a hacking point. Hack this to finish off the cluster of objectives.

- Reach the upper level

- Throw lure to the designated area

- Use the lure to distract the cop

Leave the camera and then go through the door that's just opened. Grab the electronic parts that are lying on the table above you, then open up your weapon wheel and build a lure. Now throw this lure at the marked area, before hacking it to cause a distraction.

While remaining in your cover stance, go up to the next counter. As soon as the nearby police officer is distracted and looking away from you, carry on up the escalator and go through the door at the top. To get your hands on a little bit of cash, hack into the camera just above you, then hack the phones of the people below.

When you're ready, make your way to the left using the nearby counter for cover. Carry on all the way around the corner, then go through the glass door in front of you while the guards on your right are distracted. Carry on down this corridor, then head to the right to trigger the next completed objective.

- Find and hack the guard with the access code

- Hack into the stadium's network

- Create a blackout

If you peer through the glass door in front of you, you'll be able to hack a camera that's mounted in the ceiling of the room ahead. As soon as you've gained control of this camera, aim towards the second camera that's straight ahead and just over to the right. Hack it, then wait for the gentleman in the grey jacket to stop talking on the phone. As soon as he's finished, you can hack the phone to get the access code.

Now aim the camera to the left until you see a hacking point. Hack the system in order to shift down to the floor below. Move the camera view to the upper-right part of the room to find another hacking point. Hacking this will give you access to the stadium's network.

Open up your weapon wheel and navigate to the blackout option. Once you activate the item, the blackout will commence and you can head through the glass doors in front of you.

Timing is critical if you want to escape the attention of the police.

- Escape the stadium

As soon as the guards have left their positions by the glass door, head on through and take cover using the counter to your left. Keep making your way over to the left whenever the police are looking away from you. Don't get spotted as you make your way towards the escalator in the far left corner of the room. When you reach the floor below, run through the door in front of you, then go through the next set of doors. Carry on through the busy bar until you reach your next waypoint.

- Leave the police search area

- Reach your hideout

Head right and go downstairs, then turn left and run down the street towards the objective marker. Go inside the garage, then go through the door on your left until you see a red car. Get inside it, open up your map, and locate your hideout in the south-westerly section. Put a marker on your map to designate this as your next waypoint.

Keep an eye on your mini-map and wait for the police cards (depicted as red and blue flashing diamonds) to come along. As soon as they've passed your location, follow the blue directions on the road to get to your waypoint at the Owl Motel. To ditch the police completely, you're going to need to be zippy enough that you leave the circular outline that surrounds you on the mini-map.

One easy way of dodging the police is to get on the freeway as quickly as possible. If your path to the freeway is blocked by the authorities, simply wait in a nearby alley until the blockade has been cleared. You can also hide in the back of your car to make it even tougher for the police to spot you. If the police do manage to find you when you're hiding, just get on the freeway as soon as you're able to, and hit the accelerator until you've lost them all.

When you've ditched the police, keep driving towards your hideout. As soon as you reach the Owl Motel, head upstairs until you're on the second floor. The entrance to your hideout is located here.

Once you've made it to the safety of your hideout, go into the skill tree and upgrade your Gates & Garages category. While you can use your skill points in any category from here on out, it's highly recommended that you focus on the Hacking tree as this will make the game much easier.

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