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Watch Dogs PC minimum specs confirmed

Creative director says recent trailer "wasn't a good graphics reference".

Ubisoft Montreal has announced the minimum specifications for the PC version of open world hacking game Watch Dogs.

Creative director Jonathan Morin revealed the specs on Twitter. They are as follows:

Meanwhile, there was a bit of a kerfuffle following last week's re-unveiling of Watch Dogs. The recently released trailer, below, was picked apart and compared to footage shown when the game was announced at E3 2012, below the below. The upshot: Watch Dogs now does not look as good as Watch Dogs then.

Watch on YouTube
Watch on YouTube

Morin said on Twitter the trailer "wasn't a good graphics reference". He said the footage shown at E3 2012 was from the PC version of the game, and the footage shown of the game a year later, at E3 2013, was taken from the PlayStation 4 version.

He continued: "PC on very high setting is REALLY stunning if you ask me. As for density it also very high of course. "

Then: "it will look great and play smoothly. Again journalist played PS4, read what they have to say..."

Morin's mention of journalists playing the PS4 version is a reference to a recent event at Ubisoft Montreal, attended by Eurogamer. A preview will be published soon.

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