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Video: How Ubisoft cracked Watch Dogs' hacking

More exclusive interview footage.

The themes of security and hacking have been hot topics in recent months - something which unsurprisingly hadn't escaped Ubisoft's notice when we became the 900th person to mention the word "NSA" in their presence.

Apart from registering flags on any listening government microphones, our trip to Ubisoft Montreal also allowed us to ask the to Watch Dogs team about the game's own brand of hacking - and the research that Ubisoft undertook to make sure it felt as accurate as possible.

Travel further down the rabbit hole - and by that we mean click on the YouTube video below - for gameplay footage and more chatter on some of the team's favourite hacking stunts you can pull in the game, as well as how Ubisoft avoided the hacker stereotype of you playing someone sat at home in their bedroom in a Guy Fawkes' mask. Which wouldn't have been very fun.

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This article was based on a press trip to Montreal. Ubisoft paid for travel and accommodation.

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