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This is what Amazon's new gaming controller looks like

And you're done.

Amazon's new gaming and media controller has been revealed online in a new set of photos.

The device will apparently not ship with Amazon's upcoming set-top box but be an optional extra, TechCrunch reports, and also work with Kindle Fire tablets.

The angular pad has two Xbox 360-style control sticks, a D-Pad, ABXY face buttons plus options for 'Home', 'Menu' and 'Back'.

Media playback buttons can be found on the base of the controller, meanwhile, similar to the OnLive pad.

Amazon has yet to formally reveal the extent of its ambitions for the gaming market but is known to be working on an Android-based media box that can also stream services such as Amazon's own LoveFilm, plus Netflix and Hulu.

The company has also been busy poaching games developers - last month Amazon bought Killer Instinct studio Double Helix. The company said at the time that the acquisition was "part of our ongoing commitment to build innovative games for customers".

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