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Average player takes 35-40 hours to finish Watch Dogs

Plus, Ubisoft confirms additional content following delay.

The average player who spends a bit of time free roaming takes 35 to 40 hours to complete Ubisoft's open world hacking game Watch Dogs, creative director Jonathan Morin said on Twitter.

However, to do and see everything the game has to offer will take closer to 100 hours, Morin added.

And that's not taking online play, about which Eurogamer's Tom Phillips wrote about last week, into the mix.

Meanwhile, the Australian Classification Board has revealed that new content was added to the game following its delay to May this year. It had been thought developer Ubisoft Montreal was spending the extra time simply polishing the game.

As revealed by Kotaku, the ACB's report on Watch Dogs, which returned a R18+ classification, mentions the game contains references to sexual violence. In one scene, which deals with human trafficking, a character inspects a 19-year-old Romanian immigrant, feeling her breasts and "spreading her legs" before she is pulled into a room where, it is suggested, she is sexually abused.

"The room is set up with video cameras and filming equipment and as the male moves away from the bed several blood spots are visible on the bed sheets," the report states.

This new information came to light because Watch Dogs had to be resubmitted to the ACB following the addition of the new content.

Ubisoft issued the following statement:

"The entire development team has been working hard to polish and fine tune Watch Dogs in order to deliver a truly memorable open world game. In parallel, the extra time also allowed the team to include a bit of additional content.

"As per Australian classification guidelines, Ubisoft resubmitted the updated version with the added content to the Australian Classification Board (ACB). The decision to amend the rating of the game from MA15+ to R18+ was made by the ACB."

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