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Gigantic Army rekindles memories of Cybernator - in more ways than one

UPDATE: Eurogamer Let's Play video goes bang bang bang.

UPDATE: Eurogamer YouTube Editor Ian Higton had a go of Gigantic Army and made a Let's Play video, below, for your viewing pleasure.

Ian played Astro Port's side-scrolling mech shooter for just shy of 15 minutes and had a blast, from the looks of things. Fans of the mech shooters of the 16-bit era, such as Cybernator, are sure to get a kick out of it.

Watch on YouTube

ORIGINAL STORY: Those who fondly remember the side-scrolling mech shooters of the 16-bit era may be interested in Gigantic Army, which launches tonight on Steam for £3.59.

It's developed by three-man Japanese indie Astro Port, whose credits include 2011 shooter Satazius, which has a small but loyal fanbase.

Gigantic Army sees you pilot the GMR-34 Saladin - a manned combat robot - as you blast the Ramulon army to bits. All the mechanics of the 16-bit mech shooters are present and correct, including melee attacks, thrusters, a shield and, of course, lots of guns.

The Cybernator box.

The game includes six stages, 12 mid and end level bosses, four difficulty modes, customisable weapon loadouts and, for this western release, rebalanced gameplay.

The Steam version comes with Trading Cards, 42 achievements, a Linux version, and a printable retro-style DVD case insert and CD/DVD label file, if you fancy making your own physical version.

There's an image of the case inset below, and, yeah, it looks a lot like cult classic 16-bit side-scrolling SNES mech shooter Cybernator. Well done for the Super Memento Entertainment System gag! Whoever thought of that deserves a pint.

Well done everyone!

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