January 2005 Archive

    1. Half-Life 2 sells 1.7 million units through retail
    2. £99 Nintendo DS on 11th March
    3. Resident Evil 4 will not be censored in Europe
    4. Touch! Kirby's Magic Paintbrush
    5. DS Linux closer to reality
    6. Team 17 trails Worms 4: Mayhem
    7. Battlefield 2 movies
    8. Virtua Tennis heading to PSP - reports
    9. City of Heroes Diary #1
    1. Namco and Capcom collaborating on PS2 strat-RPG
    2. Need For Speed Underground 2 DS details
    3. SCEE plans music download service for PSP
    4. Colin McRae Rally 2005 PSP footage
    5. Nintendo DS pak available through Stars Catalogue
    6. Konami signs Death, Jr. for PSP
    7. Konami trails Dragon Booster and Lost in Blue
    8. Turtles return in Mutant Melee
    1. Ubi to publish Bomberman DS, Bomberman Hardball
    2. Tetris with Tetris-block-shaped controllers?
    3. Mario Kart DS demoed in Paris
    4. DRIV3R PC coming soon
    5. MotoGP 3 street-racing and online features revealed
    6. Ubisoft to adapt Sony's first animated films
    7. Myst IV descends on Xbox
    8. Metal Gear Solid 3 gets firm March date
    9. Take Two picks up Civilization for 2K Games label
    1. Mashed gets Fully Loaded with extras
    2. EA confirms Fight Night Round 2 unlockables
    3. Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory multiplayer beta
    4. Battlefield 2 delayed, EA captures DICE control-point
    5. Castlevania set for adventure and RPG focused return
    1. Silver PStwo rumours 'purely speculative' -Sony
    2. Kutaragi defends PSP design despite high defect rate
    3. UK Charts: NFSU2 continues record stint at No.1
    4. 3D Realms shuts down Duke Nukem-based HL2 mod
    1. The Suffering: Ties That Bind details
    2. Bits And Bobs: Monday News Roundup
    3. Star Wars: Empire at War officially unveiled
    4. SEGA Toys to launch Aibo rival in Japan
    5. Meteos delayed as Lumines gets US publisher?
    6. Darwinia demo and release date
    1. F.E.A.R multiplayer screenshots
    1. Blizzard speaks on StarCraft Ghost, VU relationship, more
    2. Pro Evolution Soccer 4 Xbox patched
    3. When Game Developers Attack
    4. Woman deletes ex's MMO data in revenge bid
    5. LucasFilm characters unlockable in Mercenaries
    6. UEFA Champions League 2004-2005 demo
    7. More Sonic on Cube, DS
    8. Xbox Project Zero 2, DOA Ultimate dated
    1. Things And Stuff: Thursday News Roundup
    2. ZOO Digital to publish Alien Hominid in Europe
    3. Activision acquires dev partner Vicarious Visions
    4. Nokia dismisses N-Gage demise rumours
    5. Mutant Storm joins Xbox Live Arcade
    6. EyeToy: AntiGrav due in Europe in Q1
    7. Kuju developing George A. Romero title
    1. F.E.A.R slow-mo multiplayer revealed
    2. Act of War: Direct Action
    3. Mercury trailer on Eurofiles
    4. PSP Games To Watch in 2005
    5. PSP Games To Watch in 2005
    6. PSP Games To Watch in 2005
    7. This And That: Wednesday News Roundup
    8. Take Two seeking MLB exclusive deal - WSJ report
    9. Jade Empire delayed in the US?
    10. Blizzard apologies for WOW downtime
    11. New PS2/GC Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory details
    12. Counter-Strike: Source gets bots, de_tides remake
    13. Sony warns customers over leaked PSP update
    14. Roll Call back on track as SCi funds new dev studio
    15. UK Charts: Straight eight for NFSU2
    16. Fiver off C64 DTV device
    17. Rare plans more handheld goodness
    18. EA signs 15-year ESPN deal
    1. Reader Reviews
    2. Act of War demo released
    3. Ninty talks Star Fox extras, Harvest Moon sequel
    4. Japanese DS game dates and details
    5. Mastertronic, Xplosiv budget updates
    1. Street Fighter Anniversary controllers get UK release
    2. Square Enix's Code Age to be manga then game
    3. Majesco to publish Planet Moon's first PSP game
    4. Blizzard speaks on WOW development challenges
    5. Sony ordered to pay Dual Shock license fees
    1. Murdoch's News Corp considers gaming acquisitions
    2. DS Games To Watch in 2005
    3. Nintendo plans to expand its R&D budget in 2005
    4. DS adventure games dated in Japan
    5. Myst V: End of Ages due this autumn
    6. DS Games To Watch in 2005
    7. C64 Direct-to-TV gadget to get UK release
    8. FBI, Secret Service to track America's Army cheaters
    9. Worms 4 signals return to traditional approach
    1. Original Tekken to be included in Tekken 5?
    2. Dragon Quest to retain 3D look in ninth instalment
    3. EA continues sports assault with exclusive AFL deal
    4. City of Heroes Euro date, subs costs announced
    1. Super Punch-Out!! unlockable in Fight Night sequel
    2. UK Charts: NFSU2 still on top as sales slow after Christmas
    3. Squenix undecided on Dragon Quest VIII in Europe
    4. Aussie DS due in February at surprisingly low price
    5. Nintendo of America announces DS, Cube, GBA dates
    6. Death By Degrees
    7. PC Games To Watch in 2005
    8. PS2 Games To Watch in 2005
    9. Freedom Force vs The Third Reich
    10. Ape Escape EyeToy party game due in spring
    11. GTA dominates '04 as UK market grows 6.6 per cent
    1. PSP versions of GTA and Midnight Club 3 confirmed
    2. 24 to get the videogame treatment?
    3. Ubisoft to publish Bard's Tale in Europe
    4. Atari to publish time-bending FPS
    5. SEGA Classics heading to Gizmondo
    6. Gizmondo first party line-up unveiled
    7. No Halo on Gizmondo for now, says Bungie
    8. Sold Out announces February line-up
    1. EA to launch Rugby 2005 this spring
    2. Konami confirms Castlevania DS for Europe
    3. US sales of DS top 1.3m, Nintendo hypes 2005 line-up
    4. Blood Will Tell due in Europe next month
    5. Alien Hominid coming to Europe
    6. Namco Museum to launch on PSP next month?
    7. EA plans six PSP launch titles, including FIFA
    1. UK Charts: NFSU2 tops chart through Xmas
    2. UK Charts: Six weeks at the top for NFSU2
    3. Sony Europe confirms PSP line-up
    4. SEGA confirms Otogi 2 for Europe
    5. Sony 'would like' to launch PSP in Europe during March
    6. Vivendi Universal denies Ubisoft takeover rumours
    7. Darkstalkers Chronicle to be US PSP launch title
    8. Konami's PSP title Coded Arms to launch in the West
    9. Tsunami appeal game tournament this weekend
    10. Cube NBA Street V3 to feature Nintendo characters
    11. Infogrames could help Ubi fight EA takeover - Bonnell
    12. Xbox Games To Watch in 2005
    13. Wario Ware Touched!
    14. New Year's Resolutions
    1. Doom III Xbox collector set with Doom I/II ports?
    2. Sony announces PSP hackandslash with wireless co-op
    3. Sony may reveal US PSP details at CES
    4. Level-5 to revive True Fantasy Live Online?
    5. Ubi slams EA purchase, French gov may protect firm
    1. Ensemble reveals Age of Empires III details
    2. Reader Reviews
    3. Top 50 Games of 2004: 50-41
    4. Top 50 Games of 2004: 40-31
    5. Top 50 Games of 2004: 30-21
    6. Top 50 Games of 2004: 20-11
    7. Top 50 Games of 2004: Top 10
    8. Castlevania DS details, dates
    9. EA denies reports of NBA exclusivity bid
    10. Star Wars RTS named?
    11. Blizzard talks WOW Battlegrounds
    12. Molyneux named in New Year Honours list
    13. Credit card-free Saga of Ryzom trial