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Nintendo DS pak available through Stars Catalogue

Bundle featuring Mario 64 DS and game demos will cost £129.99 plus 1,000 Stars. Then again, it is literally the only physical object in the entire catalogue...

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The Nintendo DS is due out in Europe on 11th March, but if you're really keen to get hold of one now and happen to have 1,000 or more Stars on Nintendo's website and £130 going spare, you can get your hands on a "Limited VIP Pak" ahead of time. As long as you're quick.

The offer - part of the Stars Catalogue - allows gamers in Europe to buy one of 3,000 limited edition paks and get their hands on it prior to the official launch. For your 1,000 Stars plus £129.99 you get a DS, a copy of Super Mario 64 DS (slightly worrying described as "pre-release", but we'd imagine there's nothing to stop it being complete code), the Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt demo, a demo of WarioWare Touched! and a Nintendo DS T-shirt.

That's not terrible value compared to the planned pricing, but we'd urge you to heed the warning that the item may take up to 28 days to get to you. If it does, you won't have it that much in advance of 11th March anyway, and may find an import specialist such as Lik-Sang a better option - particularly as the system's region-free anyway.

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