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Things And Stuff: Thursday News Roundup

Second Sight and Psi-Ops PC in Psychic Showdown next month (don't bother ordering tickets; they already know), Soldner gets an expansion, and Tales of Eternia PSP is dated. And now just because it used to be a PSX game.

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Free Radical Design's underrated [lies! -What Ronan Would Say] levitate-'em-up-and-them-'em-at-people-'em-up Second Sight will arrive on the PC CD/DVD/Whatever-ROM in February, publisher Codemasters tells us today, and just in case you'd stopped being excited, PC owners, there's a video out on the official website to accompany this revelation. You'll have to sign up for Codies' online "club" to get at it, but that's not going to take you more than a few seconds, and the video should give you a good idea what to expect if you're not yet sure. Or you could just read Kristan's review of the PS2/Xbox/Cube versions that came out last year. If you like these psychic shoot-'em-up types you might also like to investigate Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy, which overcame the not inconsiderable obstacle of being a Midway game to win our affection at around the same time. It too is out on the PC in February, oddly, when it'll be published by ZOO Digital. Unless it slips again. It might - who knows? We're not mind readers.

Meanwhile, as those two limp towards the PC, a limp PC title gets a sequel. Soldner: Secret Wars will apparently be followed up by an expansion towards the end of next month (the 25th) called Soldner: Marine Corps. "Now you must venture into the water with your brothers in arms," the developer says in German. "Clip through the water inside your brothers' arms," might be closer to the truth going on what we've heard about the first one...

Hey ho. To Japan, then, where Namco prepares to release Tales of Eternia for the PlayStation Portable on 3rd March - the 3/3 apparently a reference to the fact that TOE was the third Tales game when it was released on the PlayStation in 2000. Essentially a port of that game, TOE PSP features updated graphics and is, you know, an RPG with a silly name. Bless. Rob will be pleased when it eventually makes its way westward. (You don't get a joke every paragraph, you know.)

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