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Ubi to publish Bomberman DS, Bomberman Hardball

DS title will be released in Europe this summer, while Hardball (featuring baseball, golf and tennis games, apparently) is due this spring.

Ubisoft is set to publish and distribute Bomberman DS for the Nintendo DS and Bomberman Hardball for the PlayStation 2 throughout Europe, having signed an exclusive deal with developer Hudson Soft.

Announced today, the deal will see Bomberman DS arrive on these shores in the summer, while Bomberman Hardball will be with us as soon as this spring.

Bomberman DS splits the action over both screens, and supports touch-screen and voice input (apparently voice recognition will allow you to shout your way to victory), as well as a standard single-player mode and a battle mode capable of supporting eight players wirelessly.

Hardball, meanwhile, introduces baseball, golf and tennis mini-games with single and multiplayer modes, as well as a "life" mode that pays attention to your PS2's system clock and "provides a dynamic view of your character's day-to-day activities" along with side challenges that allow you to customise his or her appearance. Intriguing. And naturally there'll be five different variations on the traditional battle mode for up to four players to round out the package.