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Tetris with Tetris-block-shaped controllers?

£25 to you and us.

Dark blue icons of video game controllers on a light blue background
Image credit: Eurogamer

Would you pay £25 for Tetris? No, probably not in this day and age. Besides, if you're any kind of gamer you've probably already played it to death at some point in your life. Probably several times. On lots of formats.

Then again - would you pay £25 for Tetris if it had a controller that looked like that? [Gestures left, grimacing at the inevitable page-breakage the silly advert will cause.] We would. No really. We already have. It's a two-player Tetris game that plugs directly into your TV - not unlike the C64 Direct-To-TV package Kristan was fauning over last week - and lets you play standard, clear, timed, hot line and battle flavours of Tetris.

And it has a controller shaped like Tetris blocks, obviously. You can read a few more lines of text about it (it's called "Play TV Legends Tetris" apparently) and look at an image that isn't as good as the one we've got by heading here.

Oh, and you can buy one from Amazon (from whence we pinched the piccy, as you may notice) right here. If it's total rubbish we may write something else about it, but assuming it does what it says on the tin you can just assume we're busy playing with it instead...

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