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Woman deletes ex's MMO data in revenge bid

A sworded affair for her former bow. (Fangyoo.)

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Image credit: Eurogamer

A Japanese woman has taken ultimate revenge on a former beau by accessing his account for a massively-multiplayer game and deleting data including weapons, according to a report on GameSpot sourced from Mainichi Daily News.

The thirtysomething young lady apparently "did it as revenge" following a break-up, then owned up to the feat when quizzed by local police. Apparently the couple originally met through the game in late 2003 but soon broke it off.

There was no actual theft involved, but losing data in Lineage II, the game in question, might well have been just as painful for the man on the receiving end, whose comments - if he had any - have not been translated. We can imagine roughly what he said.

Any tales of similar woe? Bring on the misery!

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