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August 2017 Archive

    1. Windjammers review
    2. Can Call of Duty: World War 2 improve on one of gaming's fastest engines?
    3. The Metal Gear Solid movie's director plans to stay faithful to Kojima's vision
    4. The developer of Dead Rising is making a mobile Puzzle Fighter
    5. Sonic Forces comes out in November
    6. Watch: H1Z1's Combat Update is a step in the right direction but it's still not a patch on PUBG
    7. 17 years later, Human Head is making a new Rune game
    8. Street Fighter 5 players are already pulling off crazy combos with Menat
    9. Legendary beasts Raikou, Entei, and Suicune coming to Pokémon Go today
    10. Worms W.M.D announced for Nintendo Switch
    11. Battlefield 1 expansion In the Name of the Tsar has a release date
    12. Survived By is an MMO with bullet-hell, bosses, dungeons, looting and crafting
    13. Games Done Quick to host marathon for Hurricane Harvey charity
    14. Summer Games Done Quick starts
    15. Capcom re-releasing Street Fighter 2 on a SNES cart with one hell of a safety warning
    16. Friday the 13th patch slays team killing
    17. PS Plus September games include inFamous: Second Son and Child of Light
    18. Everybody's Golf review
    19. Obduction review
    20. Absolver review
    21. PS Plus members to get PS VR game Rigs as a bonus
    22. Steam users review-bomb Sonic Mania over unexpected DRM
    23. Nintendo reveals several Switch indie games and release dates
    24. Super Meat Boy sequel announced for consoles, PC and mobile
    1. Fatshark announces Vermintide 2
    2. Why Obsidian turned down a Game of Thrones video game
    3. Blizzard lays down the law on Overwatch toxic behaviour
    4. Dawn of War 3 to get modding tools, huge balance update
    5. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' first big tournament showed it has the potential to be a great esport
    6. How Rise of the Tomb Raider on Xbox One X improves over PS4 Pro
    7. CEX suffers security breach that may affect up to two million customers
    1. GTA Online adds customisable aircrafts next week
    2. The Walking Dead: Our World sounds like Pokémon Go with zombies
    3. The Walking Dead's first two seasons now have Xbox One backwards compatibility
    4. After five years the Homestuck game finally has a release date
    5. Watch: We take a walk around Obsidian Entertainment
    6. Nintendo livestream to reveal its indie summer lineup tomorrow
    7. Meet the virtual reality game designed to research dementia
    8. PlayerUnknown confirms desert map will be 8x8 km
    9. Yakuza Kiwami is the next best thing to a Shenmue remake
    10. Microsoft discontinued the original Xbox One after the S launched
    11. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle review
    12. Telltale talks The Wolf Among Us' return and Game of Thrones being "on hold"
    13. Switching on Ark PS4-Xbox One cross-play would "not take more than a few days"
    14. How Ark survived Steam Early Access
    15. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is sixth PlayStation exclusive to top UK charts this year
    16. Yes, Luigi really does dab in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
    17. Nintendo will tarnish lots of older games with the closure of Miiverse
    1. Holy macaroni PUBG just had more players on Steam than Dota 2
    2. Why did 3D Sonic struggle?
    3. Hands-on with 10 Xbox One X games that show us what it's really capable of
    4. Yakuza Kiwami review
    1. Inside Sumo's game jam
    1. Forget VOIP, Star Citizen has FOIP that maps your face's movements onto a character in real-time
    1. Darkwood developer releases its own game on Pirate Bay
    2. Yakuza 2 remake leaked on Taiwanese PlayStation Store
    3. Big changes coming to Rainbow Six: Siege map rotations
    4. Call of Duty: WW2 has an Overwatch-style Play of the Game
    5. Microsoft says Xbox One X is fastest-selling Xbox pre-order ever
    6. Microsoft and PlayerUnknown dance around the thorny issue of Battlegrounds console exclusivity
    7. The wonderful little details in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
    8. Oh my god Secret of Mana is being 3D remastered for PS4, PC and Vita
    9. Star Wars Battlefront 2's space battles could do with a little George Lucas
    10. XCOM 2: War of the Chosen review
    11. F1 2017 review
    12. Life is Strange: Before the Storm lets you answer back like a smartarse teenager
    13. Slime Rancher is the poop-farming sim you didn't know you needed
    14. Hearthstone: Best Frozen Throne decks and Mission guide
    15. The Call of Duty: WW2 beta is free on Hong Kong PSN
    16. Ex-Valve writer reveals what might have been Half-Life 2: Episode 3's story
    17. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has sold over eight million copies
    18. How we tried (and failed) to recreate Neymar's world record transfer in Football Manager 2017
    19. Near mint: A conversation with game collectors
    1. KFC unleashes VR training game about cooking fried chicken
    2. Switch battery case with HDMI port doubles its Kickstarter goal in two days
    3. Overwatch update to let Mercy resurrect players as a regular move
    4. Final Fantasy 15 is getting free Assassin's Creed crossover DLC
    5. Razer's new Xbox One controller makes the Elite pad sound cheap
    6. Telltale's Guardians of the Galaxies looks likely for Switch
    7. Oxenfree and Forza 5 will be free in September for Xbox Live Gold subscribers
    8. EA: "I see no reason why we shouldn't come back to Mass Effect"
    9. Returning to Metroid
    10. A long look at impressive planet playgrounds in Star Citizen Alpha 3.0
    11. Creative Europe spills beans on games including The Chinese Room's Little Orpheus
    12. Latest Humble Bundle offers a ton of 2K games on PlayStation
    1. Oliver Twins' sandbox adventure SkySaga: Infinite Isles has been canned after four years
    2. Undertale review
    3. Bubsy's 21-year comeback is launching on Halloween
    4. Destiny 2 footage leak shows European Dead Zone missions
    5. Hellboy is coming to Injustice 2
    6. Blizzard airs long-awaited new Overwatch animated short for... Mei
    7. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle reveals Season Pass
    8. Switch Rocket League getting exclusive Mario, Luigi, Samus cars
    9. Tyranny expansion Bastard's Wound gets a release date
    10. Shadow Warrior remake free on Steam until 6pm
    11. Overwatch Competitive Play seasons shortened from three months to two
    12. Blizzard gamescom 2017 show live report
    13. Life is Strange dev Dontnod working with Bandai Namco on new narrative adventure IP
    14. God's Trigger looks like a co-op Hotline Miami
    15. Blizzard confirms Junkertown as new Overwatch map
    16. The big Xbox Gamescom interview
    17. Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Skyrim on Switch
    18. THQ Nordic making open-world post-apocalyptic kung-fu action-RPG called Biomutant
    19. Swery's game about people turning into cats gets a trailer
    20. See Call of Duty: WW2's Headquarters social hub in action
    21. Brink is now free on Steam
    22. Cities: Skylines announces eco-friendly Green Cities expansion
    1. Rainbow Six Siege offers free trial this weekend
    2. New horror-themed Humble Bundle offers very cheap Alien: Isolation
    3. Solid Snake sneaks onto Android in Metal Gear Solid 2 HD for Nvidia Shield
    4. Don't worry, you can buy Xbox One X's vertical stand separately
    5. Sniper Ghost Warrior 3's getting a single-player prequel campaign DLC
    6. Splatoon 2 gets its first big content drop this weekend
    7. It looks like you'll have to wait a little while to get Fire Emblem Warriors in the west
    8. Arms' new character is revealed, and she looks outrageous
    9. Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite looks a lot better in the latest gameplay video
    10. Final Fantasy 15 being remade as a chibi adventure on mobiles
    11. Buying Japanese or American games on the Switch just got a lot easier
    12. Here's a teaser for Gwent's single-player story campaign, Thronebreaker
    13. Gran Turismo is getting its own limited edition PlayStation 4
    14. The next Anno goes back to the past
    15. Our first glimpse at the Dragon Ball Fighterz story mode
    16. This is when you can play The Crew 2
    17. Blizzard plans big changes for Overwatch's D.Va
    18. The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs expansion pack coming November
    19. Jelly Deals: Super Nintendo Classic Edition pre-orders go live in the US
    20. The SNES mini has a useful gameplay rewind feature
    21. Nintendo's making a SNES-themed 3DS XL
    22. Shenmue 3 reveals new in-engine footage in Gamescom trailer
    23. Watch: We fought Shadow of War's Balrog
    24. So much of the magic of Zelda's reinvention is visible in this single shrine
    25. Age of Empires 4 revealed with Relic at the helm
    1. What Remains of Edith Finch creator wanted Weird Al Yankovic in the game
    2. Watch an entire match of Star Wars Battlefront 2 Starfighter Assault
    3. Stick it to the Man dev's wordless platformer Fe is coming to Switch
    4. Battlefield 1 reveals new in-development 5v5 Incursion mode
    5. EA gamescom 2017 live show report
    6. Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom is getting a sequel
    7. Watch: Ian does stupid things in Far Cry 5
    8. Star Wars Battlefront 2 reveals first footage of space battles
    9. Devolver's stylish cyberpunk shooter Ruiner gets a release date
    10. Horizon Zero Dawn gets a new easy mode option today
    11. Puzzle Bobble Journey just hit mobile devices and tablets
    12. Watch Uncharted: The Lost Legacy running at 60fps
    13. Microsoft's final sales pitch for Xbox One X falls flat
    14. Fear Effect Reinvented is a remake of the original Fear Effect
    15. Behold the Minecraft grass block-themed Xbox One S
    16. Final Fantasy 15 confirmed for PC early 2018
    17. The genius of Rapture
    18. Saints Row developer's Agents of Mayhem struggles in UK chart
    19. There's an easy way to transfer your settings from Xbox One to Xbox One X
    20. HTC Vive down to £599 after big price drop
    21. Rare confirms Sea of Thieves cross-platform play for PC and Xbox One
    22. Xbox gamescom 2017 conference live report
    23. KitKat accused of copying Atari's Breakout
    1. Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition comes in a cool original Xbox-style box
    2. Xbox Games Pass offers ReCore: Definitive Edition in September
    3. Here's all the games enhanced on Xbox One X
    4. Budget, Xbox One X-enhanced ReCore Definitive Edition leaked
    5. Jurassic World Evolution theme park sim announced by Planet Coaster dev Frontier
    6. The Lost Legacy is Uncharted meets MGS5 - and it works
    7. Sony apparently "won't allow" Ark: Survival Evolved PS4-Xbox One cross-play
    8. Ubisoft E3 2017 live report
    9. Mass Effect: Andromeda won't receive any more single-player updates
    1. Life is Strange: Before the Storm accidentally locks Trophy in Deluxe Edition bonus episode
    2. Divinity: Original Sin 2 confirms split-screen, finally shows skill crafting
    3. EGX 2017 will be your only chance to play Xbox One X early in the UK
    4. Observer review
    5. What Remains of Edith Finch and the art of inevitability
    1. Xbox One X to launch with special day one “Project Scorpio” Edition - report
    2. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT sets January release date on PS4
    3. Cult favourite board game Scythe is coming to Steam
    4. Raiden 5: Director's Cut is coming to PS4 and Steam this autumn
    5. Surprise! inXile just released The Bard's Tale: Remastered and Resnarkled
    6. Spintires: MudRunner edition headed to PC and consoles
    7. Bend it as Beckham in PES 2018
    8. Angry Gameseek customers call aggressive discount promotion a "scam"
    9. Monster Hunter XX: Switch's first 3DS remaster analysed
    10. The Diablo-like Path of Exile releases on Xbox One next week
    11. Here's our first look at Rainbow Six Siege's theme park map
    12. Pokémon Gold and Silver get boxed release on 3DS
    13. We've got 15,000 Raiders of the Broken Planet beta keys to give away
    14. Big changes coming to StarCraft 2 multiplayer
    15. Why the spirit of Flash gaming must never die
    16. Blizzard to livestream Gamescom "Reveal Ceremony" on Wednesday
    17. Fishing Planet just won best video game trailer of the summer
    18. The Witcher 3 trailer Killing Monsters remade in MS Paint
    19. Pokémon Go players aren't happy with Niantic's changes to raid rewards
    20. Friday the 13th will soon get new clothes, a new Jason and a new map
    21. 343 to revamp Halo 5 Warzone mode to make it more balanced
    22. Overwatch console reporting feature arrives with next patch
    23. Agents of Mayhem review
    24. Yakuza 6 sets March release date in the west
    25. Splatoon 2 sales overtake Crash Bandicoot in the US
    1. Twitch's Overwatch, Hearthstone streams can now be filtered by hero, mode
    2. First-person roguelike City of Brass releases on Early Access next month
    3. Pinball FX3 will feature cross-platform play, just not between consoles
    4. Battlefield: Bad Company gets Xbox One backwards compatibility
    5. Thomas Was Alone dev's new game is a modern take on the text adventure
    6. It looks like Capcom's fixed Chun-Li's face in Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite
    7. New PlayStation VR experience lets you explore Chernobyl
    8. World of Tanks gets its first ever single-player campaign next week
    9. Splatoon 2's next Splatfest is detailed, and there's not even a contest between the two sides
    10. Arms' new character is slowly coming into focus
    11. Doom guy is in Quake Champions
    12. Here's our first look at Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier
    13. The gorgeous Skyrim fine art print collection
    14. Watch: Chris plays the Skaven in Total War: Warhammer 2
    15. Sony dates PlayStation Experience 2017
    16. PlayStation 4 firmware update 5.0 will add 1080p60 Twitch streaming
    17. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy review
    18. Why Overwatch on console is in desperate need of a report button
    19. Black Mirror reboot in the works
    20. Xbox One lets you filter by 4K, HDR, Xbox One X-enhanced games
    21. Shenmue 3 now has a publisher
    22. Retro cyberpunk adventure Technobabylon is out now on iOS
    1. Sonic Mania's most self-deprecating Easter egg
    2. Crackdown 3 delayed until spring 2018
    3. Sonic Mania is the sequel we've waited 23 years for
    4. We Happy Few will be a full priced retail game launching in April
    5. Prey adds a free trial on all platforms
    6. New VR game lets you shoot your way through a supermarket job
    7. Peter Molyneux's The Trail out on Steam today
    8. The Amazing Eternals is the next game from the people behind Warframe
    9. Translation requests hold up European PS4 release of Night Trap - 25th Anniversary Edition
    10. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds patches to be released less often
    11. Shock horror! The Skaven are the fourth race in Total War: Warhammer 2
    12. The Town of Light to donate quarter of sales to mental health charity
    13. Desperately seeking Destiny's Lighthouse before it switches off forever
    14. The Lost Legacy update adds survival arena to Uncharted 4 multiplayer
    15. Mad Max and the open world game as character study
    16. You can try XCOM 2's new photobooth for free
    17. Wasteland puzzler Peregrin won't stop talking over itself
    18. Wide-ranging For Honor update kills controversial "unlock tech" exploit
    19. The Sims 4: Toddler Stuff coming soon
    20. Danger Zone crashes onto Xbox One this autumn
    21. Watford FC use Football Manager to announce signing of new striker
    22. Sonic Mania review
    23. Mass Effect: Andromeda is heavily discounted on Xbox One and PC
    24. Engineer invents Switch peripheral for one-handed gamers
    1. Deadly Premonition director Swery announces RPG about people who turn into cats
    2. H1Z1 renamed Just Survive in “most comprehensive update in the game's history”
    3. Rock of Ages 2 rolls onto PS4, Xbox One and Steam this month
    4. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance now backwards compatible on Xbox One
    5. Non-VR Eve: Valkyrie launching September with cross-reality play
    6. Undertale is coming to PS4 and Vita this summer
    7. Football Manager 2018 out 10th November
    8. Here's our first look at mobile prisons in The Escapists 2
    9. Civilization is getting a new board game
    10. Why Shelob is a woman in Shadow of War
    11. Deadlight: Director's Cut free on for the next 24 hours
    12. Lovefilm by Post to be closed forever on Halloween
    13. Matterfall review
    14. LawBreakers review
    15. Planet Coaster soars past one million sales
    16. A closer look at PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds vaulting
    17. Johnny Depp helping produce The Secret World TV show
    18. You can buy Destiny 1 silver on Steam, for some reason
    19. Nidhogg 2 review
    20. Nier director Yoko Taro saved PlatinumGames, according to Hideki Kamiya
    1. renamed Blizzard
    2. BattleTech reboot delayed until 2018
    3. Call of Duty: WW2's private multiplayer beta detailed
    4. One idea for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 3 was Darth Vader and Starkiller co-op
    5. The Division update 1.7 adds global events and loot boxes
    6. More than a year on, Take-Two still fighting NBA 2K tattoo lawsuit
    7. Pokémon Go's Mewtwo to debut worldwide via invite-only raids
    8. Pokémon Go reveals Mewtwo legendary raids in Japan
    9. Imminent Xbox One Conan Exiles has to put underpants on in America
    10. Sony offers 15 months of PS Plus for the price of 12
    11. For Honor player exploits his way to tournament victory
    12. AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 performance preview
    13. Shadow of War's endgame sounds a lot beefier than Shadow of Mordor's
    14. Famed Witcher cosplayer reimagines Geralt as a samurai
    15. Destiny 2 will lock your loadout for some endgame activities
    16. Overwatch Deathmatch mode is reminiscent of old school shooters
    17. Titanfall's smartphone game offers a possible insight into why the series is struggling
    18. Edgar Davids wins lawsuit over League of Legends Lucian skin
    19. PlayStation Paris Games Week media event dated
    20. Why Sony cancelled PS4 exclusive Gnomageddon
    21. Project Cars 2 sets new standards for the racing genre
    1. Video: Remember the little ways games used to be worse
    2. DF Retro: we play every single Sega 32X game
    3. Best in show: revisiting the cataclysmic strangeness of Tokyo Jungle
    1. All Walls Must Fall is always running out of time
    2. Sundered review
    3. Coffee Lake: the most exciting Intel CPU launch in years?
    4. Will there ever be a good stand-up comedy game?
    5. Beautiful exploration game Shape of the World releases wondrous new trailer
    1. Sonic Mania delayed two weeks on PC
    2. Nintendo hit by lawsuit over Switch design
    3. You can play Guild Wars 2's new expansion for free this weekend
    4. The Flame in the Flood, Human: Fall Flat headed to Nintendo Switch
    5. New map and three new operators hit Rainbow Six Siege this month
    6. The big Cliff Bleszinski interview
    7. BioWare has already plotted out "theoretical" Dragon Age 4 and 5
    8. Warcraft 3 has a new public test realm
    9. The two-player swing and the Shaman of Play's legacy
    10. No Man's Sky fans excited by leak promising "joint exploration"
    11. No Man's Sky update 1.3 adds 30 hours of story, multiplayer-lite and much more
    12. There's a Papers, Please short film
    13. A game you play with your heart
    14. Bungie reveals Destiny 2 gameplay changes for PC beta
    15. South Park the Fractured But Whole PC requirements revealed
    1. All the Jackbox Party Packs are coming to Switch
    2. Xbox One and Windows 10 launch unfiltered XBLIG successor Creators Collection
    3. Arma 3 expansion Laws of War is about defusing mines
    4. Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen hits PS4 and Xbox One in October
    5. Destiny 2 has exclusive sparrow for Virgin Fibre customers
    6. Yooka-Laylee patch will tone down gibberish voices
    7. The mobile Titanfall RTS is out today
    8. Raid: World War 2 sounds a lot like Payday set during World War 2
    9. Payday 2 community erupts in anger at addition of stat-changing microtransactions
    10. Payday 2 developer defends microtransactions
    11. Payday 2's controversial £1.60 drill tweaked following microtransactions outcry
    12. Modern N64 controller a Kickstarter success
    13. Nearly two years after Fallout 4 came out, it's getting a Game of the Year Edition
    14. There's an official football-themed PS4 controller
    15. Splatoon 2 has beach-based summer costumes, too
    16. Battlefield 1 now free to download from Origin and EA Access
    17. Let kids play video games to "save the country", UK spy chief says
    18. One year on, is No Man's Sky the game it should have been?
    19. "Fundamental changes" coming to Xbox achievements
    20. Beating Super Smash Bros. at its own game
    21. We went back to Super Mario Odyssey's demo and discovered even more
    22. First-person servers live for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds group games
    23. Anyone can now test Xbox One system updates earlier
    24. Ultra-rare shiny Pikachu released in Pokémon Go
    25. PlayerUnknown: The glory of a gaming chemistry set
    1. Super Meat Boy is leaping onto Switch
    2. Thimbleweed Park coming to Nintendo Switch
    3. Tales From the Borderlands' sales "weren't great"
    4. Myst dev's spiritual successor Obduction is coming to PS4 this month
    5. Rez Infinite gets surprise - and very welcome - PC release today
    6. Rez Infinite's surprise PC port tested
    7. Lawbreakers PS4 launch code hitches and stutters
    8. There's more to Hellblade's permadeath than meets the eye
    9. Listen to some of Daughter's Life is Strange: Before the Storm soundtrack
    10. Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 has an old-school cheat code that unlocks everything from the start
    11. Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun review
    12. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice review
    13. Flood of new Steam games following Direct introduction
    14. Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney settles on Nintendo 3DS this November
    15. Capcom accidentally reveals its entire Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite esports business plan on YouTube
    16. Devolver made a Call of Duty documentary called CODumentary
    17. Arms gets a proper training mode and more in latest update
    18. You'll soon get Zelda: Breath of the Wild in-game items via your Switch's news channel
    19. There's an official Fallout board game and it looks awesome
    20. Gearbox announces new game, but it's not Borderlands 3
    21. Valve announces new game
    22. Comparing the cityscapes of The Witcher 3, Dark Souls and Bloodborne to medieval paintings
    23. Batman: Arkham Origins is now backwards compatible on Xbox One
    24. No Man's Sky screenshot teases Stargate-style portals
    25. Slicing game Severed has surprise release on Switch
    1. Sonic Mania reveals first footage of Competition Mode
    2. Behold Overwatch's beach-based Summer Games skins
    3. MineCon ditches real world expo in favour of a livestream
    4. A PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds miniskirt is selling for over £300
    5. Tempest 4000 is real, Jeff Minter is developing it and Atari is publishing it
    6. Nintendo announces Mario, Metroid livestreams at Gamescom
    7. All Walls Must Fall hits Steam Early Access today
    8. After years of PlayStation exclusivity, looks like Spotify is finally headed to Xbox One
    9. There's a special edition Metroid: Samus Returns 3DS
    10. Nier: Automata characters go pixel art for Final Fantasy Brave Exvius crossover
    11. Ni No Kuni 2 has a season pass
    12. Starfire lights up Injustice 2 today
    13. You need four amiibo to get everything Metroid: Samus Returns has to offer
    14. The true return of Metroid is a glorious thing to behold
    15. Hey! Pikmin review
    16. Nine years later, Mario Kart Wii's cut mission mode found
    17. Zlatan Ibrahimović apes Iron Man in his own video game, which is set in space
    18. Mod makes Skyrim play like The Sims
    19. Hellblade deletes your save file if you die too many times
    20. Metal Gear Survive isn't as awful as it is forgettable
    21. Pokémon Go's new legendary bird Zapdos defeated by just three players
    22. Yes, you can still jump into haycarts in Assassin's Creed Origins
    23. Rainbow Six Siege's next patch is enormous, but it makes loading matches faster
    24. Destiny 2 reveals promo with "renowned lifestyle partners" Rockstar Energy and Pop-Tarts
    25. Shadow of War has a ranked online mode
    26. Over 10m people have played Final Fantasy 14
    27. LA's weirdest gift shop made it into GTA 5
    1. For Honor offers free trial this weekend
    2. Next Xbox update changes the home menu, Guide, and community feed
    3. Spelunky, Downwell and more indie devs announce 8-bit game anthology UFO 50
    4. Horizon DLC The Frozen Wilds gets a release date
    5. Middle-earth: Shadow of War has loot boxes
    6. Rainbow Six Siege gets 2.3m players a day, Ubisoft says
    7. Creator of canned Metroid fan project AM2R hired to work on Ori sequel
    8. Battlefield 1 gets perks soon
    9. Fidel Dungeon Rescue is an unmissable game about exploration and elegance
    10. Dragon Quest Builders 2 headed to Nintendo Switch, PS4
    11. It took a Guile mirror match to spark a good old-fashioned fireball war in Street Fighter 5
    12. Splatoon 2's online is inexplicable, yet it's one of the best online experiences of the year
    13. Splatoon 2 datamined, potential new maps and weapons revealed
    14. AMD Ryzen 5 1600/1600X vs Core i5 7600K review
    15. The Last of Us fans think they've sleuthed out Part 2's location
    1. The 35-year hunt for Swordquest's lost treasures
    1. Dragon Quest 11: is Unreal Engine 4 a good fit for JRPGs?
    2. On games as philosophy experiments, from Fallout to Soma
    3. Horizon Zero Dawn: the making of PS4 Pro's best 4K game
    4. The Shrouded Isle review
    1. Australasia-exclusive Kangaskhan headed to Pokémon Go in Europe
    2. Retro City Rampage DX is now on Switch
    3. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds fixes latest update lag
    4. Paradox bringing Pillars of Eternity and Cities: Skylines to console this year
    5. A classic arcade name just got a surprise revival on Switch
    6. How a Syrian refugee's story became a JRPG
    7. Crash Bandcoot N.Sane Trilogy did the business for Activision - and now everyone wants a Spyro remaster next
    8. Konami announces exclusive global partnership with…
    9. Destiny 2 blocks some popular game capture programs and Discord overlays
    10. Prey's new PS4 Pro support is welcome - but the added stutter isn't
    11. It's time to settle the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds blue zone debate once and for all
    12. For Honor gets the Highlander and the Gladiator this month
    13. Can sports data analysis figure out exactly how much Mario Kart screws you?
    1. TumbleSeed adds Switch-exclusive Battle Mode
    2. Acclaimed isometric stealth game Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun is now on consoles
    3. Thumper is hitting Xbox One this month
    4. Women's basketball league makes its debut in NBA Live 18
    5. Ghost Recon: Wildlands now has a demo on PS4 and Xbox One
    6. Check out Sonic Mania's bonus stages and time attack mode in action
    7. Rime finally has a Nintendo Switch release date
    8. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds now warns you against forming larger groups than allowed
    9. Battlefield 1's Community Test Server arrives on consoles
    10. Big Prey patch squashes bugs and fixes glitches
    11. Hearthstone streamer exposes clan of snipers who repeatedly targeted him
    12. Outside Xbox branches out with new channel Outside Xtra
    13. Dynasty Warriors 9 heads west on PC, PS4 and Xbox One
    14. Conan Exiles' free expansion is The Frozen North
    15. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' monthly update is live
    16. Rocket League gets a 20-word Language Ban system
    17. QUBE 2 now due early 2018
    18. Rock Band keeps on rocking with new season pass
    19. Friday the 13th has sold over 1.8m copies
    20. What's it like when your video game leaks?
    21. Pokémon Go legendary Moltres beaten by a team of just two players
    22. The best games hold something back
    23. Sit comfortably, there's an official adult Witcher colouring book
    24. Yakuza Kiwami reveals free post-launch DLC
    25. Does LawBreakers have what it takes to compete with the big guns?
    1. Chess Ultra checks onto Switch later this year, mate
    2. Minecraft: Story Mode's first season coming to Switch this month
    3. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' new first-person servers make the game feel even more tense
    4. If you pre-order PES 2018 you get Usain Bolt
    5. Microsoft really wants you to know playing Minecraft online is safe
    6. Total War: Warhammer gifts 30 new elite units as a birthday treat
    7. Rockstar sued over Auntie Poulet from 15-year-old Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
    8. Persona Q2 announced for Nintendo 3DS
    9. Watch a full 20-minute FIFA 18 match
    10. Microsoft reveals three new Xbox One controllers
    11. There are three versions of FUT Icons in FIFA 18
    12. Is the New 2DS XL Nintendo's last dedicated handheld?
    13. Overwatch's Summer Games returns next week with competitive Lúcioball
    14. After five years, turn-based strategy hack-and-slash hybrid Aztez launches
    15. Harvest Moon, what have they done to you?
    16. Monster Hunter XX is getting a region-free Switch demo next week
    17. Yasumi Matsuno's RPG Unsung Story is now being finished by a different studio
    1. Guild Wars 2 expansion Path of Fire announced and out in September
    2. Overcooked on Switch has big performance problems
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