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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' monthly update is live

It's a big'un.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' latest monthly update is live and is pretty hefty.

The latest update is 5.3GB of much needed bug fixes and additional content. But perhaps the most exciting part of this update is the new first-person servers.

As well as the the changes laid out by PlayerUnknown in the latest patch notes, there are two additional updates. The first is an added animation when using the drag and drop with inventory. This is a visual addition and does not affect the speed of looting. The second additional update is a slightly decreased delay time when looting items with the F key. A welcome change.

"After testing with no delay internally we have decided to reduce the delay instead of removing it entirely as it felt very unbalanced with no delay," the Battlegrounds team wrote on Twitter. "We are still listening to community feedback and will continue our evaluation of the looting mechanisms."

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The new update is the first to include paid cosmetics, as the new key and crate system is tested. Players have access to the new crates inspired by the Battle Royale films.

Make sure to check out our PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds tips and tricks guide for help getting on with the game.

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