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PUBG: Battlegrounds' next update, 22.2, is set to launch later this month

Plus it's time to celebrate six years of PUBG.

Image credit: Krafton

PUBG: Battlegrounds' next update, 22.2, is set to launch on 14th March for PC players, and on 23rd March 23 for those fighting for a chicken dinner on consoles.

As well as the usual QoL buffs and weapon balancing - it's the turn of the AUG, M16AF, Mk47, Mutant, and P90 to get rebalancing tweaks this time around - you'll also find new items celebrating the game's upcoming sixth anniversary plus new care package weapon, the FAMAS.

Intense Battle Royale is also back, introducing a new way to play for those that prefer quicker, more intense matches.

Patch Report - Update 22.2 | PUBG EUWatch on YouTube

"We’re nudging some healthy balance updates to several of our well-known weapons this update," the team said in a statement. "We constantly strive to create a balanced and enjoyable gameplay experience, and in order to achieve this goal we analyse months’ worth of player data, monitor community feedback, and conduct extensive testing."

You'll also shortly start seeing billboards celebrating the game's upcoming anniversary, too, the designs for which include a collaboration with "celebrated toy designer and street art muralist Tristan Eaton" who "dreamed up a beautiful set of commemorative in-game billboards that you’ll want to watch for whenever a match takes you to Erangel, Miramar, or Sanhok". You'll also be able to submit questions to the development team, and if you're one of 100 randomly selected questioners, you may be in line for some "real-world 6th anniversary-themed items".

For the full patch notes, head on over to the official website.

PUBG: Battlegrounds' Patch 22.1 dropped back in January and introduced a number of fixes and QoL improvements, and bears.

Krafton recently revealed that it's set to launch its "first Canadian AAA game studio". Led by former Ubisoft game director, Patrik Méthé - "a prominent figure with over 20 years of experience in leadership roles on some of the world’s most renowned franchises" – the studio is set on hiring 150 people over the next three years, including positions in animation, programming, and HR.

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