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PUBG Recap lets you show off the number of chicken dinners you won in 2022

"Players have experienced all kinds of exciting situations that are definitely worth remembering."

PUBG: Battlegrounds' - formerly known as PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - wants you to celebrate 2022's achievements with its new recap feature, PUBG Recap - Your 2022.

By logging in with your Krafton ID, you'll get access to an overview of your PUBG time over the last twelve months, including a summary of the number of matches you played, your headshots, favourite weapons, and total chicken dinners, of course.

Cover image for YouTube videoPUBG | PUBG Recap - Your 2022
PUBG | PUBG Recap - Your 2022.

"Throughout 2022 PUBG: Battlegrounds, players have experienced all kinds of exciting situations which led to skilful plays that are definitely worth remembering," Krafton says. "We’d like to cherish and save these memories we all made together, so we've created a space where you can check your 2022 memorable milestones and achievements on the battlegrounds."

You're encouraged to share your accolades, too. By taking a screenshot and posting your stats to social media with the hashtags #PUBGRecap #my2022EU before 29th January, you'll be in with a chance of being one of 22 winners selected to receive "the coolest PUBG: Battlegrounds merch".

PUBG: Battlegrounds' Update 21.2 is out now for PC players and is coming on 25th January for those looking for a chicken dinner on consoles.

The update ushers in changes to Vikendi, Sanhok, and Taego, as well as an "update to the 1v1 Arena in Training Mode".

ICYMI, PUBG: Battlegrounds is available now on Epic Games Store. Whilst the free-to-play battle royale is now available to play on pretty much every platform known to humankind, this is the first time it's been playable on PC outside of Steam.