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The best gaming jokes from April Fool's Day

Death by laughter.

Pinch punch...third of the month! It was April Fool's Day over the weekend which meant a deluge of fake news across the internet.

There were certainly some amusing ones this year, though, from joke videos to entire, playable games.

Let's take a look at the best.

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Sonic can't come to the phone right now, because he's dead

"We've been listening. A new direction for Sonic is coming soon..." wrote the official Sonic Twitter account on 31st March. Except that new direction was to kill off the Sega mascot and let players find the culprit. The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog isn't just a quick joke, it's a full and playable visual novel game available on Steam for free.

I'm yet to play it myself, but I'm looking forward to all the series' Easter Eggs and discovering who the murderer is. My money's on Big the Cat.

Squirt gnomes and take names

The PowerWash Simulator team has done some brilliant crossovers, with its Midgar and Tomb Raider packs. Now there's PowerWash Survivors, in which players must jet-spray hordes of gnomes, eggs, boss cats, and very angry looking poos. And of course, it's only available on Stadia and Ouya (the shade!). "We're coming for your BAFTA(s)" joked the developer.

Imposters and Horsemates

The Horsemates are back in Among Us with Horse Mode, available from 31st March until 2nd April. Horse Wrangling Mode turns Seekers into Ranchers, while Classic Horse Mode is a twist on the traditional game in which to stirrup trouble. Are you the imposter, yay or neigh?

Very Serious Patch Notes

These days developers are constantly tweaking their games post-launch with updates and bug fixes and balance changes. But Blizzard went a bit too far with this one for Overwatch 2. It's not just new Ultimate Voice Lines for characters, it's major tweaks to each and every character: Junker Queen shouting so loudly it bursts eardrums; Reinhardt can fly; Tracer time travelling; and Mercy becoming a DPS badass. Actually, maybe Blizzard should consider these changes permanently after all?

Absolute clucking chaos

The giant chicken added to PUBG is absolutely terrifying. Not only does it stomp on players and breath fireballs, its bright glowing eyes will look deep into your soul and tell you you're a very, very bad player. Not even the zombies and super powers in Bizarre Battle Royale can overcome that.

Never trust a public vote

Mojang has allowed players to vote on various changes to Minecraft over the years, as with the biome and mob votes. Now there's the Vote Update, in which players find themselves in "a world of endless voting". Not only is there realistic voting action, there's a minimal chance of a vote result destroying the world. And are those bugs or player-voted new features? What's next, a general election held in Minecraft?

This looks grate

When Baldur's Gate 3 arrives in August it's set to come with a legend-dairy option for players to take the role of a wheel of cheese. "Are you gouda enough?" asks the promotional video. Not me, but if cheesing bosses is possible, can FromSoftware add this to Dark Souls please?

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