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PUBG publisher Krafton "remains steadfast" in its plans to "secure and expand powerful game-based IPs"

Krafton also aims to continue investing in "web3 and deep learning".

PUBG publisher Krafton says it "remains steadfast" in its plans to "secure and expand powerful game-based IPs".

Sharing its 2023 strategic direction with employees, the company said it was committed to "driving sustainable growth and strengthening its publishing capabilities globally" and remains committed to "web3 and deep learning".

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It says that whilst PUBG "continues to be a major priority", "the company’s efforts in 2023 to develop a deeper catalogue of titles and stay ahead of rapid advances in tech will drive new processes and internal efficiencies toward essential growth".

"We remain steadfast in our ultimate vision to secure and expand powerful game-based IPs," said CEO CH Kim. "To achieve this, now is the time to concentrate our capabilities in 2023 and emphasise our need to innovate and focus organizational capabilities, strengthen our publishing capabilities and systems, and continue investing in the future."

Kim added that the company was set to "realign the structure of its internal publishing operation and work to improve the processes that guide how it works with and manages independent studios", and said it was "prioritising seeking out second-party publishing opportunities that could bolster its existing lineup of games and drive expanded equity investments in external developers".

That's not all, either. Krafton is set to "continue its investment in developing technology spaces" including web3 and deep learning, which it says will "reshape gaming in the years ahead".

"Growth in these areas cannot be guaranteed without investment, and that it is worth advancing into these technology verticals as they are closely related to game production technology, which is one of Krafton's core competencies," Kim added.

The news follows recent reports that Striking Distance Studios' debut game, The Callisto Protocol, allegedly failed to hit its sales targets, forcing Krafton's investors to "lower their target stock prices".

Krafton announced plans to make a new game based upon the Korean fantasy book, The Bird That Drinks Tears, back in August, and then shared a visual teaser in September.

Krafton says it is an "ambitious project" that "aims to bring the original fantasy universe of The Bird That Drinks Tears to life through its unique and refreshing fantasy races, beautiful, haunting landscapes, and gripping, immersive, and poignant stories".