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Hearthstone streamer exposes clan of snipers who repeatedly targeted him

One shot, one kill.

One of Hearthstone's most popular streamers has fought back against a pack of players who regularly sniped his games, Eurogamer's competitive gaming sister site Metabomb reports.

Kripp, and a chat log where the group talks about their deeds.

Octavian Morosan, better known to the Hearthstone community as Kripparrian, or Kripp, has frequently complained about players who stream-snipe - in other words those who watch his stream when playing against him to see his hand.

It's an unfortunate part of the game but, as Kripp says in the video below, pretty much unavoidable.

But then Kripp began matching repeatedly with the same players who not only had knowledge of what he was about to play, but who also used incredibly lucky - and perfectly suited - Arena decks in order to beat him.

If Kripp played a deck with a weakness to a particular other deck, he would see that exact rival deck pop up, and someone with a similar-sounding screen name would be on the other end ("sniper16", "sniper24", "sniper30"). He began to suspect a group of players had built up a selection of strong Arena decks, ready to pounce with the right counter when he began matchmaking.

In Hearthstone, you click on a button to have the game find a match for you. These stream snipers would watch Kripp's stream, wait for him to click this button, then quickly click it themselves in the hope the game would match them up. This worked, sometimes multiple times a night.

And so, Kripp set a trap. After mentioning that he had no lag set on his stream, he match-made against a sniper on purpose then added them as a friend, so he could investigate further. Kripp then saw that person was friends with another with a similar name, and so on, until he uncovered various offending accounts.

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It's pretty sad people will go all this way just to make a streamer suffer when trying to entertain others. Kripp concludes his video, above, by noting that the clan of snipers is no longer in business. Sounds ominous!

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