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Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite looks a lot better in the latest gameplay video

Jedah! Dormammu! Ghost Rider! Firebrand! Revive your teammate!

Capcom's put out a new video for upcoming fighting game Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite and I have to admit, the game looks a lot better than it has done in recent months.

The video, below, shows off Jedah, Ghost Rider, Dormammu and Firebrand, as well as a new Infinity Stone that looks like it'll bring some interesting new gameplay to the crossover series.

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It's Jedah, though, who steals the show. The Darkstalkers villain has one of the best models in the game, cool voice acting and exciting moves. His ultimate attack sees a giant purple hand emerge from the floor, slam his opponent into the ground before crushing him into what looks like a giant 'sell your soul to the devil'-style contract. "I shall put your affairs in order," Jedah says, nonchalantly. Awesome!

Dormammu, who I loved in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, also looks the part, although it sounds like Capcom's changed the voice actor - and not for the better. All his otherworld-esque moves look suitably eye-catching. I spotted a couple of new specials, too including one that covers the floor in what looks like red spiky flames. If it catches his opponent, it drags them closer to him. "Going somewhere?" Dormammu says. Lovely!

Elsewhere, Ghost Rider looks cool but it's hard to tell if he'll be a better character in this game than in 3. And Firebrand looks as annoying as he should.

Of note: the video shows off the Soul Stone, whose Infinity Storm ability revives a teammate. It looks like this temporarily brings back a downed character, who is then controlled at the same time as the active character. It's a nice throwback to Marvel vs. Capcom 1's duo team attack.

Let's not get carried away. Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite's roster of characters still looks uninspired (no X-Men characters is a bitter blow), the art style looks flat and boring to my eyes and the story mode looks awful. Jedah, though, looks all sorts of cool.

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