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Sunless Skies' Early Access release date is soon


Sunless Skies, sequel to Sunless Sea, will hit Steam Early Access and GOG Games in Development at the end of the month - 30th August.

On offer will be one of the four regions in the game, the Reach, and a "broad skeleton" of gameplay features, wrote developer Failbetter. You'll be able to explore the skies, dock at ports, interact with stories - I should jolly well hope so - trade, fight and of course die. All that for £18.99.

There will be a teensy discount when the game first arrives but do note Sunless Skies will be considered an in-development game and be treated by developer Failbetter accordingly, with patches and alterations and new content and so on. If you want the finished article, wait.

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There's no final release date for Sunless Skies; the Kickstarter estimated delivery date is May 2018, which is naturally subject to bit of argy-bargy as development unfolds.

Sunless Sea was on the surface a top-down game about steering a ship and surviving a dark Victorian-style sea. But underneath - underneath were fathoms of storytelling depth and consequence. In short, Sunless Sea knocked our socks off, our review rating it Essential. "Storytelling and exploration converge to dazzling effect in Failbetter's luxurious and unmissable curio," wrote Simon Parkin.

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