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Listen to some of Daughter's Life is Strange: Before the Storm soundtrack

Turn it up to the Max.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm's soundtrack is composed by British folk rock band Daughter.

Below, you can hear some of the game's appropriately mournful yet soothing themes.

Before the Storm is Life is Strange's three-part prequel mini-series, which is due to begin its release on 31st August. The game's reveal trailer, released at E3 2017, was set to Daughter's song Numbers, and new material was teased.

This week, publisher Square Enix announced that Daughter would release an entire original score album for Before the Storm. You can hear some of that below:

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And here's the full track Burn it Down from the album:

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The original Life is Strange soundtrack featured music from French artist Syd Matters, and tracks from alt-J, Bright Eyes, Mogwai and José González.

Daughter's musical soundscape seems to fit the series perfectly, although Before the Storm will also feature tracks from other artists too - such as Speedy Ortiz's No Below, which plays over the game's opening credits.

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Aoife recently got to see a whole chunk of the first episode - watch it above.

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