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Life is Strange's delayed Switch remaster collection finally arrives in September

Includes original game and prequel.

After a lengthy delay, Square Enix's two-game Life is Strange remaster bundle finally has a release date on Switch, and will be launching on 27th September.

Square's new Switch bundle - which goes by the name Life is Strange: Arcadia Bay Collection, rather than the Remastered Collection moniker used on other platforms - includes remastered versions of developer Don't Nod's much-loved original Life is Strange and its Deck-Nine-developed prequel Life is Strange: Before the Storm.

This new collection - which was originally due to launch on 1st February alongside other platforms before recieving a last-minute delay - retains the same acclaimed narrative core as the originals, following the supernaturally imbued adventures of teenage friends Max and Chloe, but promises a range of enhancements on Switch.

Cover image for YouTube videoLife is Strange: Arcadia Bay Collection - Nintendo Switch Trailer (ESRB)
Life is Strange: Arcadia Bay Collection - Switch Trailer.

These include "improved and optimised" visuals for characters and environments across both included titles, while the first game will also feature new motion-captured facial performances.

Life is Strange: Arcadia Bay Collection will be available both digitally and physically when it release on 27th September and is priced at £34.99 on the Square Enix Store.