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Square Enix showing off new Life is Strange next week as part of spring showcase

Plus Marvel's Avengers news and more.

Life is Strange fans will get a glimpse of the series' next instalment as part of Square Enix's newly announced spring showcase event, which airs next Thursday, 18th March.

Proceedings get underway at 5pm in the UK/10am PDT, and Square promises 40 minutes of trailers and announcements. The world premiere of Life is Strange 3 (or whatever it ends up being called) is obviously the headliner, but there's quite a lot more besides.

There'll be another look at Outriders, for instance, ahead of its launch on 1st April, as well as another airing for Balan Wonderland, which releases a little sooner, on 26th March.

Let's Play Life is Strange: Before the Storm with writer Zak Garriss.Watch on YouTube

Crystal Dynamics will have some sort of Marvel's Avengers news - which could be anything from word on new heroes to a release date for Spider-Man's long-awaited PlayStation-exclusive debut - and Square will also be detailing more of its Tomb Raider 25th anniversary plans.

Rounding out the event are a number of new announcements from sister company Taito, a look at the Just Cause mobile game announced in December last year, as well as information relating to new mobile projects from Square Enix Montreal - the studio behind the largely excellent likes of Hitman Go, Tomb Raider Go, and Deus Ex Go.

If you're sufficiently intrigued, simply point your electronic device of choice at Square Enix's Twitch or YouTube channels from 5pm GMT/10am PDT next Thursday, 18th March.

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