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The Amazing Eternals is the next game from the people behind Warframe

And here's some gameplay.

Back in May 2017, Warfame developer Digital Extremes announced its next game, codenamed Keystone. It's now revealed the final title, The Amazing Eternals and released gameplay footage.

The video below shows off The Amazing Eternals, which is a free-to-play competitive shooter fused with collectible card game elements. It's drenched in a 1970s retro-pulp art style with an eclectic collection of heroes to play as. During a match you use a deck of cards to trigger powers, weapons and buffs.

Watch on YouTube

To me The Amazing Eternals looks a bit like Blizzard's Overwatch but with some cards on-screen. Here are some screenshots:

There's a Founders Program that lets you buy your way into the closed beta from 29th August. Otherwise, it's a case of putting your name down and hoping Digital Extremes lets you in.