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Life is Strange: Before the Storm accidentally locks Trophy in Deluxe Edition bonus episode

Square Enix admits "mistake" and is rectifying.

Square Enix is fixing a Life is Strange: Before the Storm mistake whereby one of the game's PlayStation trophies was gettable only in the bonus episode that comes with the more expensive Deluxe Edition. This would make the coveted Platinum Trophy - awarded for collecting all other trophies (something some Trophy hunters take very seriously) - impossible to earn unless you paid more for the game.

"This was a mistake on our side," admitted Square Enix in a statement on Push Square, "and not our intention to gate the Platinum Trophy via the optional bonus episode in the Deluxe [Edition]. We've already started speaking to the first parties about rectifying this."

The standard full season of Life is Strange: Before the Storm - comprising three episodes, first one due 31st August - costs £14. The Life is Strange: Before the Storm Deluxe Edition, meanwhile, costs £20, and includes the bonus 'Farewell' episode among other knick-knacks.

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Before the Storm is a prequel to Life is Strange, set three years earlier. In it you play as Chloe and explore her friendship with Rachel, the girl missing from the first game. The bonus 'Farewell' episode casts you as Max.

"Rest assured, anyone purchasing the complete season of Before the Storm will get the full story. 'Max's 'Farewell' episode really is just a bonus episode for those who would like to play as her one final time," Before the Storm developer Deck Nine has said before.

There are questionmarks hanging over Life is Strange: Before the Storm, not least because Life is Strange creator, Parisian studio Dontnod, isn't making it - it is instead making the sequel Life is Strange 2. Unproven US developer Deck Nine is in charge. Actor Ashly Burch is also not reprising her role as Chloe in the prequel episodes.

It was about these topics and more Tom spoke to Life is Strange: Before the Storm lead writer Zak Garriss earlier this summer.