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Splatoon 2 has beach-based summer costumes, too

Nab them before the event's over, watch.

Budge off BBQ Soldier 76. Leave it out, lifeguard Mcree. Farewell, femme fatale Widowmaker.

This summer's most colourful shooter, Splatoon 2, has its own set of summer costumes - available from tomorrow, 11th August until Wednesday 16th August next week.

Included in the Summer Vacation Collection are flip-flops, shades, a straw boater, trainers and T-Shirts.

I asked Martin, our resident Splatoon nerd, what he thought of the designs. "I only wear Toni Kensa stuff these days," he told me, helpfully.

OK, they're not quite as cool as Overwatch's Summer Games skins, but these are free - no loot boxes required.

Now, how about some of those new maps and weapons which were spotted in Splatoon 2's files?