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Splatoon 2 resurrecting Splatfest this weekend for special Mario-themed event

Invincibility or super-size?

It's been 18 months since Splatoon 2's post-launch content support came to an end with what was supposed to be one final celebratory Splatfest, but still Nintendo keeps finding excuses to resurrect the much-loved communal challenges for one more turn - and the latest example occurs this weekend, when Pearl and Marina preside over a special Mario-themed jamboree.

This latest global Splatfest was originally announced last year as part of Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. 35th anniversary celebrations, and this time players will be ask to choose their favourite Mario power-up, with teams being formed based on their preference for size-boosting Super Mushrooms or invincibility granting Super Stars.

Your choice this time around: invincibility or super-size.

As usual, players can make their choice in Inkopolis Plaza and they'll receive an appropriately emblazoned t-shirt to represent their team in the main event. Given the special commemorative nature of this particular Splatfest, Nintendo has also created real-life versions of these t-shirts for purchase, should you want to take your team pride out in the real-world.

Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Direct.Watch on YouTube

Splatoon 2's Mario-themed Splatfest begins in earnest at 10pm (UK time) tomorrow, Friday 15th January, and will run until 10pm on Sunday 17th January. In an added twist, teams won't just be competing for Super Sea Snails and glory this time around. Nintendo is also awarding the top 100 players on each team a special collectible Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary medal.

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