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Splatoon 2 pitting ketchup against mayo again in special one-off Splatfest next month

According to sauces.

It's been nine months since Splatoon 2 celebrated what was expected to be its final ever Splatfest on Switch; but now, Nintendo is dusting off its ink-flaps and squirting out a one-off last hoorah for the multiplayer shooter's ever-delightful community wide competitive event, which is scheduled to begin on 23rd May in the UK.

Splatfest's temporary reawakening follows a similar community event revival for Switch's superb spring-loaded fighter Arms earlier this month, and will see Nintendo revisit one of its earliest Splatfest themes, again posing the age-old question: ketchup or mayo.

Presumably, we'll also see a return for this particular Splatfest's appropriately hued creamy white and red team-colour ink, which was definitely one of Splatoon 2's more memorable moments, as long as you didn't think too hard about the smell. Or bodily fluids.

Those looking for a rematch (mayo rightly won when the question was originally posed to players back in 2017), can get involved in the Splatfest between Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th May in the UK. Times and dates will vary slightly depending on your region, so you'll probably want to keep an eye on Nintendo's social media channels for more details.

Additionally, Nintendo will soon be re-releasing its special Splatoon 2 demo client, giving newcomers the chance to try out the game's Turf War, Ranked Battle, and Salmon Run modes for free from Thursday, 30th April, until Wednesday, 6th May. There's also 33% off the full game via Nintendo's eShop from 30th April until 10th May, should you be suitably impressed by the demo. More details will be shared soon.