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Fans bid farewell to Splatoon 2 as sequel is released

Giving it a round of cephaloplause.

Today, Splatoon 3 was released for the Nintendo Switch.

As such, many dedicated fans have taken to Splatoon 2 to say their farewells to the beloved game, leaving Inkopolis Square awash with truly heartwarming messages.

Ian shows off three levels from Splatoon 3 campaign gameplay as well as two matches of Splatoon 3 Turf War gameplay.
Taken by Eurogamer's Martin Robinson and Ed Nightingale, here is a small selection of pictures documenting Splatoon 2's last few moments of being the most current release in the series.
Bye Bye Splatoon 2! | Image credit: Bye Bye Splatoon 2
I love this hat - if you've got it, haunt it!
Thank you Splatoon 2!
Bye Splatoon 2, thanks!
This player has certainly put in some hours.
Thanks for the memories Splatoon 2, see you all in 3.
Thank you Splatoon 2!
Meanwhile, some players can be seen lamenting that they will be unable to join those moving on to Splatoon 3. Something, that is not lost on the Splatoon community.
Why are you still here?
I am in the same boat my friend. You are not alone.
I feel this!

Martin recently awarded Splatoon 3 a Recommended badge, remarking that while there are "few surprises to be found in Splatoon 3's multiplayer or campaign" it is still the "best Nintendo's spectacular series has been to date".

"It's more Splatoon, and I understand if for many that's not quite enough," he wrote. "But also: it is more Splatoon, and is a generous new outing for one of the most polished, playable and impeccably executed series from within Nintendo's group of first-party developers.

"It's lacking the shock of the new, but with Splatoon 3 you're getting the sense of a special series that's really hitting its stride."

For Eurogamer's supporters, you can hear more about Martin's thoughts on Splatoon 3, and the series as a whole, over on Bertie's weekly podcast.

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